Sydney's shadow means 14 more weeks of football

September 03, 2010|By BIG SYDNEY

It's that time of year again.

I got the ol' spring in my step. Come tonight, I think I'll have goosebumps ... or gooseliver bumps in my case.

Time to press my black-and-white-striped shirt and get out my undersized coaching pants. I gotta make sure my feet don't get too much sun.

It's time for football.

I came out of my bunker and saw my shadow. It means we are going to have 14 weeks of pigskin. My shadow is more formidable and massive than that near-sighted rodent that only comes out in February. What's his purpose, count the days to Valentine's Day?


Well I have been itching to get this season going since May.

All I can think of is South Hagerstown football. I don't know why.

Everything is new over there. Hate to see Killer Kellick go, but there is new blood in the area and things could be interesting.

I can't wait for the Rebels to appear with their new coach.

Here are some interesting rumors out there about this new guy.

His wife went to Pier 1 to decorate their house and replaced the plumbing with Peerless faucets. I guess there is a bamboo football motif going on.

He went spearfishing on his vacation.

They say the new coach has a rapier wit when you get to know him. But don't get him mad, he might tell you to take a long walk off a short pier.

They say the Rebels are taking to his style, but it sounds like he is quite the disciplinarian. Coach doesn't want the Rebels to have any piercings.

The pregame meal will consist of perogies, with Imperial margarine, of course.

But be warned, teams could be in harm's way and in peril when facing the Rebels this year.

South will be scrappier. Now the Rebels are a lot closer. They are a regular peer group and the defense will be applying peer pressure.

I can't wait for winning football to reappear on the south end of town.

One thing is for certain. Whatever this guy's name is, the Rebels will not be playing without any Peers at School Stadium this season.

On with the predictions. Last season 155-67 (.698).


Owings Mills 31, Boonsboro 14

Thomas Johnson 36, North Hagerstown 26

Smithsburg 14, Northern Garrett 12

South Hagerstown 41, Berkeley Springs 12

North Carroll 27, Williamsport 14

Susquehanna Township 26, Waynesboro 17

Reading Central Catholic 17, James Buchanan 13

Musselman 18, Sherando, Va. 12

James Wood, Va. 25, Washington 9

Clarke County, Va. 21, Hed-gesville 10

Jefferson 14, Mountain Ridge 10

Martinsburg 33, Potomac Falls, Va. 19

Chambersburg 22, Greencastle 18

Saint James 28, Options Public Charter 9

Hancock 26, Rappahannock County 20

Clear Spring 27, Manchester Valley 23


Navy 29, Maryland 22

Penn State 43, Youngstown State 16

West Virginia 38, Coastal Carolina 13

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