Mail Call

September 03, 2010

"The county taxpayers cannot afford on-the-job training. If you are unaware of county policies, procedures and how the county government operates, maybe you need to reconsider your campaign." - Boonsboro

"With his recent refusal to debate, it is quite apparent that Don Munson feels entitled to the Senate seat. His list of campaign donors also explains his refusal to help his constituents when their communities were being besieged by developers. Chris Shank never refused our requests for help, even when it meant that the local 'good old boys' would not support him. Please vote for Chris Shank on Sept. 14." - Williamsport

"I see in Saturday's paper where Don Munson's running scared again. What's he afraid of? He doesn't want to debate Shank. If he doesn't like the guy that he fired a couple months ago, let the League of Women Voters or somebody take it over, somebody neutral. Don't be a chicken all your life, Mr. Munson. It's time to stand up and be a man." - Hagerstown


"As a lifelong taxpayer and voter, I'd just like to make this statement, and I hope a lot of other people think the same way I am. I will not vote, when it comes to the county commissioners, for anyone who has any ties to the BOE or local developers and/or contractors. So that doesn't leave very many to vote for, but there are several fellows that I'm going to vote for that hopefully know how to spell the word 'nepotism,' and know what the initials 'BOE' stand for, but are not affiliated with them." - Hagerstown

"It's a shame Chris Shank has lowered himself to such dirty politics, by mailing out the slick things that he has, about Don Munson's few mistakes that he has made. God didn't make perfect people, and I can tell you, Chris Shank isn't one of them." - Boonsboro

"I'm a Republican, and in the mail I just recently received a brochure that at first glance looked like it was an election brochure for Don Munson, but then when I started reading through it, it was very negative, and when I got to the end of it I saw that it had been sponsored by Chris Shank. It's really disturbing to see how negative Chris Shank has gone. Actually, I was, prior to this, thinking about voting for Chris." - Boonsboro

"I'd like to thank the - this is in response to the two gentlemen that helped me get in my car the other day when I locked my keys and my valuables in my car downtown. I just wanted to give them - to thank them again for their help, and I really do appreciate it." - Hagerstown

"While we're addressing the handicapped parking issue, I'd like to make a comment. I agree with the person that called in and said they need to check out the people that are parking in these spaces. A perfect example is one that's parking downtown next to the courthouse, in a handicapped space. It's either a white Buick or Oldsmobile, parks there every weekend, doesn't have handicapped issued plates or a little tag." - Maugansville

"There seems to be a lot of Mail Calls coming in positive for Chris Shank. That's fine; maybe a lot of people are calling in. But I for one have called in about Munson, a positive statement, and Mail Call didn't print it. So if you're going to print some of them, you better print them all. I don't think it's fair what you're doing. So Mail Call, print all of the call-ins." - Hagerstown

"I would just like to express that the government got us into this mess, we, the people, need to get us out. Vote out all incumbents; Republican, Democrat or Independent." - Hagerstown

"Falling Waters caller, you actually claim President Obama has -- right now, today, just this minute even -- not only completely ended but won the Iraq war all by himself. So his continuation of Bush's policies, competent military strategy and leadership, and most important of all, the valor and sacrifice of our soldiers, meant nothing. It's all due to your anointed one. Honestly, do you have any idea how disgustingly sycophantic you and other Obama defenders actually sound? Evidently not." - Frederick, Md.

"Don Munson, as an incumbent senator, you must be able to defend your record, through debates and other forums. To question your record does not entail a smear campaign. And to suggest that it does, as you did in your vindictive and childish ad in Sunday's paper, seems kind of ... you have served the county well over your many years, but now it is time for you to move on and enjoy your family and your golden years." - Hagerstown

"I was driving on Boyd Road the other night, and there were two four-wheelers, side by side, racing. I had to hit my brakes and head for the shoulder of the road. Something has got to be done about that before there is an accident. Are they allowed on the road?" - Clear Spring

"I'd like to comment, the new intersection at the schools in the Smithsburg area is one of the best things that's happened to Smithsburg in a long, long time." - Smithsburg area

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