New cast tries for Warrior stardom

September 02, 2010|By BOB PARASILITI
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BOONSBORO -- The bulb finally burned out in the old spotlight.

Those star-quality names that Boonsboro has leaned on the last few years have finally graduated and been expunged from the roster.

Branden McLean and Drew Lowery have gone the way of Tyler Walsh, Seth Poffenberger and the rest of the gang that helped the Warriors to some special seasons in the not-so-distant past.

They have turned the keys of the locker room over to the next generation of Warriors, getting out of the way for them to make a name for themselves.

"All the big names are gone," said Boonsboro coach Clayton Anders. "This is a team that will grow. They are fairly inexperienced. I have been here for a long time and many of my coaches have been here for a while, too. It's our job to get them to where we want them and they will blossom."


Many of Boonsboro's returning players have some game experience, but some were for only parts of the season, and many of them will be playing both ways. It is enough to take the edge off jitters, but not quite enough to label them as battle-tested Warriors.

Still, the newer faces and the limited experience opens up a new, interesting dynamic for Anders and Boonsboro. The canvas is bare; time to start painting a picture.

The main brush is in the hand of returning quarterback Andy Sigler, but even with his experiences in 2009, this season will be completely different.

"Last year, we tried to protect Andy," Anders said. "He was the only legitimate quarterback we had on the varsity. We didn't let him play defense. Last year, if he got hurt, we would have been in trouble. This year, we have more balance and two good backups. He will be playing defense, too."

McLean and Lowery shared feature back status for the Warriors last year. This year, Boonsboro's feature will come in numbers and not names.

"We have a bevy of five halfbacks who will all play," Anders said. "They are all similar. They are each about 150 pounds and all of them are quick. We could be playing halfback by committee since a lot of them are also playing defense."

The closest thing Boonsboro has to a headliner is sophomore Justin Jardeleza, who started -- and excelled -- late in the season when McLean and Lowery were injured. Zack Poffenberger will share time with Jardeleza at one halfback while Jared Blickenstaff and J.T. Rice will work the other side.

Meanwhile, J.R. Lowery will move from center to become the fullback and could expect a full load of work.

"For the last couple of years, the halfbacks got the lion's share of the carries," Anders said. "We will be better at fullback so we don't have to depend on the halfbacks as much.

"It remains to be seen, but we might not be as explosive as we have been. McLean and (Drew) Lowery were home-run hitters. When you got them out on the edge, they would be big runs. Instead of 40-50 yard runs, this year might be a case of getting 8- to 10-yard runs, keep the ball and be patient."

That will put a premium on the front line for players like Josh Harwood, who is returning, and Demetrius Beasley, who transferred to Boonsboro from Magruder, where he started. Both will be playing both ways.

Aaron Turner and Casey Strunk are slotted to be tight ends while Brandon Dove and Kurtis Lowery will work at wide receiver.

On defense, many of the names are the same as the offense.

J.R. Lowery, Harwood and Beasley will make up the majority of the defensive line, while Jaered Hebb will play nose tackle.

Sigler and Turner will be playing outside linebackers.

The inside linebackers will be Bucky Miller and Caleb Jardeleza.

"Bucky blossomed last year playing opposite of Scott Haupt, who was an all-county linebacker for us," Anders said. "Caleb is back after getting hurt last year. That stopped him from getting a whole lot of experience, but he sees things out there well."

Dove, Justin Jardeleza, Blickenstaff and Poffenberger will be anchoring the defensive backfield.

The new package for Boonsboro ties up a team that will probably have to play efficient, ball-control football to get the job done. That will put a premium on line play, the defense and the kicking game.

No matter what, Anders' outlook for these Warriors is the same as any other team as Boonsboro.

"Our first goal when we start is to have a winning season," Anders said. "And to get that goal, you only can do it one game at a time. After we get to six wins, then we will re-evaluate the situation and see if we have a playoff team."

Boonsboro Warriors

Head Coach: Clayton Anders

No. Name Yr. Pos. Ht. Wt.

4 Colton Rhoderick Jr. HB-LB 5-10 160

5 Andrew Beasley Sr. FB-DB 5-11 175

6 Jared Blickenstaff Sr. HB-DB 5-7 143

7 Andy Sigler Sr. QB-DB 5-10 164

11 Kurtis Lowery Sr. TE-DL 6-3 185

15 Justin Jardeleza So. HB-DB 5-8 152

16 Mike Austin Jr. QB-DB 6-0 160

19 Ryan Ruiz So. QB-DB 5-10 154

21 Caleb Jardeleza Jr. FB-LB 5-9 180

24 Craig Anderson Jr. HB-LB 5-5 180

25 J.T. Rice Jr. HB-LB 5-8 152

29 Scott Debaugh Sr. WR-DB 5-6 132

30 Dustin Gregory Jr. FB-LB 5-11 170

37 Zack Poffenberger So. HB-DB 5-7 157

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