Letters to the Editor

September 01, 2010

Law like Arizona's should not be passed in Md.

To the editor:

I was absolutely shocked and amazed upon seeing the front-page story in the Saturday, Aug. 28, edition of The Herald-Mail with the headline "Law like Arizona's sought for Md." Even after reading all of the hate-filled comments in Mail Call these last few months, I am still astounded.

My children and grandchildren live in Maryland. I do most of my shopping in Maryland. Most of the restaurants that I patronize are in Maryland. Several of my doctors are in Maryland. Nonetheless, be assured that I will never again cross the Mason-Dixon Line into Maryland should a law like this be passed.

Hagerstown businessmen and women should think long and hard before they vote in the next election and also take a good look at what has happened to the economy of Arizona recently. Maricopa County and Sheriff "Joe" have been the laughingstock of the nation these past few years. Is this what you want for Washington County?


Ellen Mullenix
McConnellsburg, Pa.

Munson should have been treated with respect

To the editor:

This letter to the editor concerns a candidates forum that was held recently.

Why would anyone stand up in a public forum and call state Sen. Donald F. Munson vile names, going after him in such an ugly way for what he has said was a mistake and apologized for? Not only that, but Munson apologized man to man, face to face, and had his apology accepted. So why now continue being so vile and ugly?

Why would anyone go after someone viciously who has been there not only for the city of Hagerstown with such issues as the University of Maryland center in downtown Hagerstown that benefits all of us simply with its presence, but who also, always, has been there for each and every one of us, his constituents? No matter our political party, our social or financial status, he has been our advocate, our shield when it comes to handling the "bureaucracy."

And he is effective as such because he is held in respect by not only his peers in Annapolis, but also the "staffers" of said bureaucracy. No matter who gets elected, how many staffers get booted or hired, there will always be a bureaucracy - there has been since the days of The Old Testament. Remember Joseph and the Pharoah's staffers? Well, best we treat the man with respect who is able to manage the staffers of the State of Maryland.

An apology for the recent performance would be an excellent start.

Mary W. Haines

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