Letters to the Editor

August 31, 2010

Munson is a good conservative and legislator

To the editor:

Good governance demands that responsible officials fix problems that are brought to their door.

In 1991, the Baltimore City Jail was under court orders to alleviate problems that the City of Baltimore did not have the money to fix. Overcrowding and safety were issues. Pre-trial confinement bordered on being unconstitutional.

The state had no alternative to taking over the jail other than to ignore the issue and let the federal courts completely intercede. Direct court supervision perhaps could have freed dangerous criminals and certainly would have cost even more money. State Sen. Donald F. Munson cast the correct vote.

Politics has been called the art of the possible. Good and honorable politicians balance ideology and practicality to try to achieve the public good so long as the compromise does not cross their moral boundaries. Ideologues ignore the public good in search of their idea of perfect, truth and consequences be damned. Kicking the jail problem down the road was no answer. Ignoring the problem would have been irresponsible.


I loved how Lloyd "Pete" Waters ended his Aug. 23 column: "You've got to stand for something or you'll fall for anything. It's time to draw a line in the sand." Yes, I agree. But not the way he will like.

Del. Christopher B. Shank has done little during his time in the Maryland General Assembly except collect a paycheck. That is like government welfare. Now, he wants a promotion and a pay raise. Standing for something would be telling Shank to go get a real job.

Drawing a "line in the sand" is a silly idea. The wind blows. The sand shifts. Soon, there is no line.

I would much rather draw a line in the ground, the good earth, where people plant seeds and watch things grow.

Don Munson is not perfect. But he has shown that he cares about our community. He actually works to solve problems while trying to control government excesses. He plants seeds. He is a good conservative and a good legislator. He has his feet firmly on the ground and deserves to be re-elected.

Leon Seidman

Kump is the opposite of 'politics as usual'

To the editor:

It is not uncommon in these political times to hear people say, "Politics as usual."

We've almost become accustomed to poor behavior from those we've voted into office. Why do so many public servants forget the very fact that they are public servants? They were elected to represent their constituents and should always act with their best interests in mind.

If you are looking for a true public servant, and not a run-of-the-mill politician, then I urge you to cast your vote for Larry D. Kump.

I have known Larry for more than 20 years and can attest to his moral integrity, honesty and genuine love and concern for our state and country. He is a true patriot. At a time when he could be enjoying retirement, he has chosen to serve the citizens of West Virginia.

Larry D. Kump will be an excellent delegate in the West Virginia Legislature. If you are tired of "politics as usual," then Larry is your candidate.

Dorothy Keys
Bunker Hill, W.Va.

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