Smouse family gathers for reunion in Henrietta, Pa.

August 30, 2010

The 112th reunion of the Smouse family was held Aug. 14 at the home of Duane and Susan Smouse in Henrietta, Pa.

This year's attendance was a small, but active group of about 35 family members.

With the economy down and people without employment, it was good to see that some of the family members continue to make their way each year to celebrate the ancestors.

Those who attended the reunion enjoyed a chance to relive a part of history, since this was the site of the first reunion in October 1897.

As has been the custom for nearly all reunions, a buffet lunch provided by each one attending contributing a dish for the table, was enjoyed by all. There was plenty to eat and a great variety of dishes to try.


Stories about family happenings over the year were shared during the lunch.

After lunch, the children went swimming, while the adults held their business meeting. During the meeting, a collection was taken for a donation to the Mennonite group which supplies tables and chairs for the gathering.

Information was shared on marriages, births and deaths which occurred in the past year. A progress report was given on the status of sales of the third edition history book. The edition incorporates all the information from the editions of 1908 and 1969. There are books available for purchase. Interested parties can contact S. Clay Smouse, 1821 Silo Court, Severn, Md., 21144.

Next year's reunion will be Aug. 13, at the same location in Henrietta.

An award for traveling the most miles was presented to Ron and Phyllis Smouse, who traveled 500 miles from Greenfield, Ind.

The most recently married couple was Matthew and Ashley (Morrow) Smouse (three years) from Henrietta. This year's longest married couple in attendance was Gene and Rose Mussleman of Bedford, Pa., who are celebrating 54 years of marriage. The youngest in attendance was Layla Grace Smouse, 10 months, of Henrietta. The oldest person in attendance was Ray Koontz, 90, of Wells Tannery, Pa.

At the close of the business meeting, family members took part in a Chinese auction, which has become popular the past couple of years. Our hosts' item for the auction was very popular with participants. It was a sculpture of a beaver created from old horse shoes by host Duane Smouse.

About 20 family members stayed to enjoy a hayride through the back roads of the countryside pulled by Matthew Smouse with a restored antique John Deere tractor.

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