Mail Call

August 26, 2010

"Hats off to the Washington County Arts Council, Washington County Convention and Visitors Bureau and City of Hagerstown for the Music by the Lake series at City Park. I was only able to attend two of the four concerts. Stoney Creek Band was great. Hope you have them back next year." - Downsville

"They talk about planes seeding the clouds. Well, tell me. At 9:45 there was a dark cloud that went through. It really clouded up, and a plane went through. So don't tell me that they're not seeding the clouds. That's why it is so ungodly dry around this area." - Williamsport

"In response to the caller with the Humpty Dumpty comment: Humpty Dumpty had a great fall - as well as his great fall this fall." - Hagerstown

"Washington County needs to get a grip on reality. My homeowner's taxes were so high, I know I could spend $300 and get an appraisal and fight it, but who's got the time? Everyone is so frustrated, because when we retire - and that won't be long - we're going to move from this county to a retirement-friendly state. I love Washington County, I love Maryland ... this is the situation. Who do Washington County officials think is going to pay taxes when all of us working class leave the state?" - Sharpsburg


"I'm calling about Chris Shank and Don Munson. Well, Don Munson has the big money backing him up, and that means the people, the big money's going to have their hands in all of the decision making. So I say go with Chris Shank." - Hagerstown

"I'm an atheist. I am overwhelmingly thankful to my president, Barack Obama, for standing tall for my First Amendment rights. I repeat, I'm an atheist. Thank you very much, President Obama." - Hagerstown

"As the administration has argued in the Arizona court, border enforcement is the federal executives' constitutional responsibility. This president has not and is not doing his job. Look for the president to issue an executive order that amounts to amnesty for illegals in this country in order to shut the American people up. Everybody is making law, no one is enforcing the law. No incumbent should be voted into office in the next election." - Hagerstown

"It's sad to say, Sharpsburg caller, but 'sensible politician' is an oxymoron." - Williamsport

"Boonsboro caller, divorce is not adultery. Remarrying (while the divorced spouse is still alive) and/or having sex with someone is adultery. Bible says once you marry, that is it. Divorce is condoned, remarrying isn't. Vows are vows. Other Boonsboro caller, President Obama has 'a clue,' trust me. He knows exactly what he is doing and that is to bring America down, the dollar. Then we can have his One World Order, one currency." - Hagerstown

"I would like to thank The Herald-Mail for asking the questions to the county commissioner candidates, especially about what role the county should play on the issue of illegal immigration. With that being said, the current policy of a contractor being required to verify the legal status of an employee and sign an affidavit is worthless. ... Currently, the county does nothing at all to verify the employer is telling the truth or lying." - Cavetown

"Hagerstown, even Demos have asked President Obama to stop sending work overseas. ... By lowering taxes imposed on small businesses on his forced health care, high interest rates to give small businesses a loan, lowering the capital gains tax so Americans invest here instead of overseas, has fallen on deaf ears when Demos and Republicans suggested this. Obama has enough intelligence to know lowering tax worked under Kennedy, Clinton, Bush." - Hagerstown

"This is to the person from Hagerstown that is stating that it says nothing in the Bible about same-sex marriages, but it says about people showing hatred in the Bible. But also in the Bible it states 'Adam and Eve,' not Adam and Steve. So remember that." - Big Pool

"All Republicans and those who haven't decided who to vote for should take heed at what the Democrats are saying about candidate Shank. They want, the Democrats want to change party to Republican for the primary, so that they can vote for Mr. Munson. Well, why would a Democrat want to vote for Munson? Think about it. ... Vote for Chris Shank, because Mr. Munson is nothing but a Democrat in sheep's clothing." - Boonsboro

"I have one question I would like to ask President Obama. Is he going to blame George W. Bush for his low poll numbers?" - Hagerstown

"Thank you, Herald-Mail, for the wonderful article by Lloyd Waters on the Opinion page, Monday, Aug. 23. What a wonderful article he wrote about Munson and the election. It's time for a change with Chris Shank, and no more compromising on things that need to be done and for our county. Everybody in Washington County, read this article and take heed." - Hagerstown

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