Waynesboro BOE discusses dress code

August 24, 2010|By JENNIFER FITCH

WAYNESBORO, Pa. -- Waynesboro Area School District students and staff were put on notice Monday that inappropriate dress and grooming will not be tolerated.

The school board said it wants the district dress code to be emphasized during the 2010-11 academic year. If not, Board President Ed Wilson cautioned dress rules could become more strict.

Superintendent James Robertson said he'd ask the building principals to make the dress code a point of emphasis this year.

Concerning employees, board member Pat Heefner said she'd like a blanket statement to be made at the beginning of the year. After that, she said principals should address teachers and staff individually.

Heefner said she hated when managers would say, "Now, some of you are ..." at meetings when they knew who was causing problems.


District officials said the latest revisions to the dress code were made in 1991. Board member K. Marilyn Smith said the policy committee is reviewing it.

"We're working on critiquing this policy," she said.

Guidelines presented to secondary students provide more detail about what is considered acceptable than the dress code itself. The dress code primarily calls for clean and neat presentation.

Board member Bonnie Bachtell is a retired kindergarten teacher. She said when she started working in the district 40 years ago, female employees were not allowed to wear slacks to school.

Heefner's husband, Jay, worked as a guidance counselor in the schools. She said he wasn't allowed to leave his room without putting on a suit jacket.

Robertson said some leeway needs to be given to elementary school teachers who are often sitting on the floors with their students.

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