This week in government

August 23, 2010

Washington County Commissioners

18440 Showalter Road, Hagerstown

Tuesday, Aug. 24, 11 a.m.


o 11 a.m.: Ribbon cutting ceremony for the Hagerstown Regional Airport Aircraft Rescue Firefighting Facility and lunch, 18440 Showalter Road

o 1 p.m.: Depart for 100 W. Washington St., Room 227

o 1:15 p.m.: Public hearing

(1) Forest conservation ordinance

o 1:45 p.m.: School mitigation proposal for Rye Field Estates under Section 9.1 of the adequate public facilities ordinance

o 2:15 p.m.: County administrator comments

o 2:30 p.m.: Update on the Washington County Museum of Fine Arts capital project


o 3 p.m.: Stormwater management, grading, soil erosion and sediment control ordinance

o 3:30 p.m.: Closed session (to discuss the appointment, employment, assignment, promotion, discipline, demotion, compensation, removal, resignation and/or performance evaluation of appointees, employees or officials over whom it has jurisdiction; to discuss personnel matters that affect one or more specific individuals; to consider matters that concern proposals for businesses or industrial organizations to locate, expand or remain in the State; and to consult with counsel to obtain legal advice)

o 5 p.m.: Break

o 7 p.m.: Evening meeting at the Town of Keedysville, Town Hall, 19 S. Main St., Keedysville

o 7:05 p.m.: Commissioners' reports and comments

o 7:30 p.m.: Citizens participation

o 7:40 p.m.: Other business

(1) County attorney issues

(2) Appointments to County Boards and Commissions

(3) County Administrator's Comments

(4) Reports from County Staff

o 8 p.m.: Land acquisition, South County tower site

o 8:30 p.m.: Community lobbying coalition initiative discussion

o Monday, Aug. 30, 7 p.m., Joint Public Hearing with Washington County Planning Commission, Court Room 1, Court House

Washington County Board of Education

o No meeting Tuesday, Aug. 24

Hagerstown Mayor and City Council

City Hall, Second Floor, Council Chamber

1 E. Franklin St., Hagerstown

Tuesday, Aug. 24, 7 p.m.


o Announcements

(1) Meeting schedule

- Tuesday, Aug. 31, work session, strategic plan, 4 p.m.

- Tuesday, Sept. 7, work session, 4 p.m.

- Tuesday, Sept. 14, work session, 4 p.m.

- Tuesday, Sept. 21, work session, 4 p.m.

- Tuesday, Sept. 28, regular session, 7 p.m.

o Appointments

(1) Carolyn Brooks, Hagerstown Housing Authority, term to expire Aug. 31, 2015

o Awards

(1) Highlight Hagerstown Awards

o Citizen comments

o Public hearings

(1) Water resources element amendments to 2008 comprehensive plan

(2) 2010 small areas plan

(3) Comprehensive rezoning Phase IV

o Minutes: July 13, July 20 and July 27

o Consent agenda

(1) Community and economic development

- Civil War sesquicentennial activities and authority to apply for filming permit

(2) Public works

- Bulk road salt for 2010-11, Mid Atlantic Salt LLC, Lyndora, Pa., $70.64 per ton

(3) Water department

- Inventory for water fund, HD Supply Waterworks Ltd., Martinsburg, W.Va., $50,496.34

Unfinished business

(1) Introduction of an ordinance; amending the City Code, streets and sidewalks, and water pollution control

New business

(1) Introduction of an ordinance, View Street Diner local conversion district overlay

(2) Introduction of an ordinance, amending the City Code, building construction, building standards

(3) Introduction of an ordinance, amending the City Code, building construction, electrical standards

(4) Introduction of an ordinance, amending the City Code, building construction, plumbing standards

(5) Introduction of an ordinance, amending the City Code, building construction, mechanical standards

(6) Approval of a resolution, petitioning reinstatement of State shared revenues

(7) Approval of a resolution, FY 2011 community legacy grant application

(8) Approval of amendment of Partners in Economic Progress (PEP) eligibility criteria for artist live-work spaces

(9) Approval of community development funding for food and friends, $5,000

o City administrator's comments

o Mayor and Council comments

o Adjourn

Arrangements can be made in advance for people with disabilities who want to attend any of these meetings. For the County Commissioners, call 240-313-2216 (Voice/TDD). For City Council, call Bruce Zimmerman at 301-797-6617 (Voice/TDD).

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