Cline hopes to 'bridge gap' on Waynesboro school board

August 19, 2010|By DANA BROWN

WAYNESBORO, Pa. -- Newly elected Waynesboro Area School Board Member Sherry Cline looks to bring her passion for the community to her role with the school district.

Cline was elected to fill a spot made available by the resignation in mid-July of board member Brenda Lucas, who was elected in 2009.

Remaining board members selected Cline, who was one of three candidates who interviewed for the position on the nine-member board.

Cline was elected by the eight remaining board members but not without two split votes and the withdrawal of the application of another candidate vying for the spot.

She attended her first meeting as a full-fledged board member earlier this week.

Cline, a borough resident most of her life and a Waynesboro Area Senior High School graduate, said she is invested in the community and the school district.


Cline said her involvement in the school district through her three children who attend Waynesboro schools helps her know what's going on.

"I can provide additional insight," Cline said. "I have insight from a parents' perspective for baseline concerns."

Running for school board has been an interest she's considered pursuing for years, she said, adding that now seemed to be the right time.

"If I'm not involved in the community, I am just off kilter," Cline said.

A recent career move has allowed her to take on the demanding time commitment required from school board members, Cline said.

As a previous center director for Pregnancy Ministries Inc. in Waynesboro, Cline said she has worked closely with educators and students.

She said she plans to speak for others and to have her voice be heard. She admits she can be outspoken.

"I do speak my mind, but with integrity," Cline said. "It's going to be in the best interest for all involved. Anyone who knows me knows I am going to vote what I think is best."

Cline said she is looking to "bridge a gap" on the school board that was evident in their recent split vote over candidates.

"I hope I can get both sides to connect," Cline said. "I have a connection, a positive connection, with most everyone on the board."

Cline said she hopes more people will attend school board meetings to gain a broader understanding of what takes place. She would like to see board meetings broadcast via live feed. She said she encourages interaction from the public and welcomes them to her blog at, where she intends to add blog comments specific to school board issues.

"People need to form their own opinions," she said.

Board member Chris Lind previously said he felt choosing Cline would bring diversity and youth to the board.

"I think we need to diversify wherever we can," he said.

Board member Pat Heefner said Cline "asked some very good questions" during the board meeting earlier this week.

"There is a steep learning curve, as it was and still is for me," Heefner said.

"I'm just hoping all board members keep an open mind," she said.

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