Mail Call

August 18, 2010

"Hagerstown, John McCain isn't alone in wanting the 14th Amendment changed. Founding fathers didn't intend for us to be used by illegals coming here for medical, free food, housing, when some seniors cannot afford medication. Our veterans are rationed financial and medical help. The 14th was added after Civil War so the slaves could have citizenship upon being freed. Slaves were born here and Native Americans were added too, as they were not considered citizens as they were tribunal. Research will show you Justice Brennan sneaked a footnote in in 1882." - Hagerstown

"To Greencastle: I don't think an American flag should have a Western theme to it. I think it should look like the flag and not have a cowboy printed on it. To Hagerstown: A child of American parents born in Mexico is an American, not a Mexican, so why in heaven's name should a child born to Mexican parents in this country be an American?" - Greencastle, Pa.


"About the Obamas: The president made many promises to get elected, just like most politicians do, and he now he can't deliver because he doesn't have total power to do so, and he knew that. About the Obamas' vacations, I think it is a slap in the face to the many people who can't take a vacation or pay for necessities. I'm sure many of them voted for him and were looking for his help. Two years from now he will have a new list of promises." - Waynesboro, Pa.

"This might be beyond some of you Mail Callers, but this is how you get the two stuck buckets apart. Heat the outer bucket up and cool the inner bucket down with ice or something. The inner bucket will shrink and the outer bucket will expand. Then you can pull them apart." - Hagerstown

"This is in answer to the person who asked 'Can illegals vote?' Has anyone ever asked you if you were a citizen when you registered to vote? Answer: No (that's profiling). When you get a driver's license in Maryland you can register to vote, with the license being the identification required. Illegals can get a license in Maryland. What's your conclusion? All you have to do in Maryland is prove you live in the district that you want to vote in. Being an American citizen is not a requirement. ... No one seems to understand how serious a problem this is." - Hagerstown

"Del. Shank made the following statement on his website: 'Some politicians believe that it is important to "bring home the bacon" for their district. They will tell you that the money is going to be spent anyway, so everyone should get their share.' Shank doesn't explain how state spending would be reduced if Washington County would quit taking any 'bacon.' Does he think all the other counties would follow our lead and also quit taking state money? Good luck on that." - Washington County

"I see we're giving a million to the fire and rescue, and a million to the participants from the gaming money. Just wondering - I probably would - probably, I hope I'm right, I hope they are 501(c)3, (c)6 or something, their books are audited, and also, they show their 990s to the gaming commission. If not, I don't agree giving a nickel to anybody. Make them all honest - after the latest escapade at some of these rescue companies." - Leitersburg

"The only political leader I am voting for re-election - this includes federal, state and local - is Donald Munson. His character and integrity are impeccable. He is a fine, intelligent, diplomatic man. As for the feds, we went from a military dictator to a man who thinks he's been anointed king. One of President Obama's slogans was 'Unify.' ... He is so far to the left that he has split this country wide open. The upcoming 2012 elections should be very interesting." - Hagerstown

"I saw Don Munson at the intersection by the YMCA and Chartridge Drive, sign waving. Isn't that the intersection where all the accidents occurred? Also, he was with John Donoghue, the Democrat. So much for Munson being a Republican. Looks like he switched sides." - Hagerstown

"I'm calling in response to the article - or editorial, if you want to call it that - from David Limbaugh in the Wednesday, Aug. 11, newspaper. I consider myself to be pretty intelligent, but after reading this, he ... uses such big words that the layman, or the average layman, couldn't understand. It's the title about Judge Walker's clinic and the power of words to deceive. There's no sense in having something like this in the paper if the average layman can't understand it. And that's just ridiculous." - Jefferson County, W.Va.

"It would be nice if The Herald-Mail would fact check all Mail Call. Recently published is a caller who says 80 percent of the deficit is Bush. How meaningless is this statement? 2009, 2010 and 2011 deficits are 100 percent President Obama. If the caller wants to talk about debt, then 42 percent of federal debt is Bush after eight years and CBO says Obama will increase it 39 percent in four years." - Hagerstown

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