Munson raises, spends more than Shank in latest campaign period

August 18, 2010|By ANDREW SCHOTZ

State Sen. Donald F. Munson took in more than six times as much campaign money as his opponent, Del. Christopher B. Shank, from January to August, according to new candidate filings.

Munson's campaign also spent much more than Shank, leaving the opponents with about the same cash balance -- much as they started the year.

Tuesday was the state deadline for candidates to file their latest campaign finance statements, covering Jan. 14 to Aug. 10.

Munson and Shank are facing off in a Sept. 14 Republican primary. There is no Democratic candidate.

At the start of the filing period in January, Munson had about $69,900 and Shank had about $68,300.

During the period, Munson's campaign raised about $47,000, compared to about $6,900 for Shank.

Munson spent about $58,700, while Shank spent about $17,000 -- leaving the candidates each with about $58,200 in cash.

Shank said Wednesday that his campaign has been steadily raising money since the Aug. 10 filing period cutoff. Newer contributions will show up on the next campaign finance report, which must be filed by Sept. 3.


Shank said he collected $1,500 in one night through an e-mail message to supporters, many donations coming $20 at a time.

"I am very grateful to my grassroots donors," he said.

Munson said he raised about $20,000 from an event at Hager Hall last month and $20,000 or so through a solicitation letter shortly after the Maryland General Assembly session ended in April.

His report shows that he took in more contributions and larger amounts from individuals, businesses and political action committees than Shank.

The biggest donation to Munson -- $4,000 -- came from Bruce W. Quinn of Florida, who also uses a home in the Fountain Head area.

Munson said Quinn, part of a group trying to buy the Hagerstown Suns, has talked to him about his vision for developing the city's east end.

Another top contributor was developer and businessman Donald M. Bowman of Williamsport. Munson said he and Bowman have been friends since third grade.

Shank's two largest contributions during the period were $2,500 from Virginia Bowen of Hagerstown and $1,000 from Citizens for Paul Muldowney.

Munson said he set a rough goal of $125,000 to $150,000 for his campaign, figuring it would let him at least keep pace with Shank.

Shank declined to say what he hoped to raise for the campaign, but he has had what he needs and his mailings have been on schedule.

"Senator Munson needs vastly more resources to defend his liberal voting record," Shank said.

How much money and who contributed

State Sen. Donald F. Munson raised about $47,000 from January to August, compared to about $6,900 for Del. Christopher B. Shank, who is trying to win Munson's seat in next month's GOP primary.

The latest totals, which were part of campaign finance reports filed Tuesday, are:

Munson -- received $47,070; spent $58,750; cash balance $58,194

Shank -- received $6,930; spent $17,002; cash balance $58,222

Below is a list of contributions of at least $250 during the filing period. Political action committees (PACs), ticket purchases and transfers are included. In-kind contributions are not.


$4,000 -- Bruce W. Quinn of Florida

$2,000 -- Realtors PAC Maryland; Brendan Fitzsimmons of Williamsport; Katie G. Fitzsimmons of Williamsport; Donald M. Bowman of Williamsport; Jone Bowman of Williamsport

$1,000 -- 201 King Street Associates LLC of Fulton, Md.

$500 -- Merritt Properties LLC MD PAC; Health Policy Leadership Alliance PAC; Maryland CPAs Committee on Political Action; Rose W. Greenawalt of Hagerstown; Meyers & Proctor, P.A., of Hagerstown; Asad M. Ghattas of Hagerstown; James P. Hamill of Hagerstown; Mary M. Summerville of Hagerstown; Carol J. Williams of Pearsall, Tex.; Jerry D. Williams of Pearsall, Tex.; C&K Deli Inc. of Glen Burnie, Md.; Antares Properties LLC of Hagerstown; Law Offices of John R. Salvatore, LLC, of Hagerstown

$375 -- Claggett Enterprises Inc. of Frederick, Md.

$350 -- David A. Foltz of Sharpsburg

$300 -- Norfolk Southern Corp. of Washington, D.C.

$250 -- Maryland Retail Merchants Assn. PAC; Allegheny PowerPAC-Maryland; Brian D. Pile of Hagerstown; Dr. Jay B. Greenberg of Hagerstown; Bushey Feight Morin Architects Inc. of Hagerstown; Schmankerl Stube Bavarian Restaurant; James W. Minnich of Hagerstown; Anne G. Kaylor of Hagerstown; Howard S. Kaylor of Hagerstown; Stephen J. Simpson of Frostburg, Md.; Kristin G. Bowen of Hagerstown; William G. Bowen of Hagerstown; OLBO Corp. of Hagerstown; Hasumati J. Uka of Columbia, Md.; Jayantilal M. Uka of Columbia, Md.; Kelly A. Frank of Baltimore


$2,500 -- Virginia Bowen of Hagerstown

$1,000 -- Citizens for Paul Muldowney

$500 -- Karl Riggle of Mercersburg, Pa.

$300 -- Richard Newman of Hagerstown

$250 -- Restaurant Association of Maryland Inc. P.A.C.

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