Letters to the Editor

August 18, 2010

Hagerstown Choral Arts sings beautiful music

To the editor:

It is with great excitement that I thank Hagerstown Choral Arts (HCA) charter members and Greg Shook, the choir's co-founder, for their talents, ideas, enthusiasm and dedication to working together.

I am a new member of HCA and I want to thank the longtime members of the choir who have presented wonderful concerts two and three times per year for the last 18 years. I enjoy singing in a four-voice choir and it is something I cannot do by myself no matter how hard I try. I am thankful for HCA's continued existence, especially during hard times.

Everyone who talks to me after a concert tells me how uplifted they were by the music. Can't we use all of the uplifting we can get these days? I would like it if the whole community took a moment to show appreciation to these dedicated members. If you know an HCA member, say thanks.


As Hagerstown Choral Arts begins its 18th season, the mission remains the same: Dedicated to bringing the highest level of choral music to the Tri-State area through volunteer community membership.

To that end, there is a lot of behind-the-scenes and in-front-of-the-curtain work to be done. Only the accompanist and artistic director are paid and the volunteer members work hard to present the concerts. Members come and go and every member has helped to produce the beautiful music that the Tri-State area enjoys.

I want to say thanks to the charter members. You all rock the party and I wish everyone good health and good pitch for the upcoming season.

Paulette Harvey

We must elect officials who care what we think

To the editor:

Who cares what our Washington County Board of Education candidates think when it comes to teacher pay/student performance?

I appreciate Russell Williams' candid answer. He pointed out it was a moot question since our elected representatives at the state and national levels have already decided for us regardless of what we think about the issue. Follow the money.

Our local taxes are collected at the federal level, which mandates the rules the state must follow to get a portion back. The state then accepts the federal mandate and imposes it on local communities in order for us to get some of our tax money back to support local schools.

In the process several things occur - we pay three levels of bureaucracy (federal, state and local) to manage our local taxes; they set the rules without caring what we think at the local levels; and they would have us believe we are getting free money to do as we are told. Since government has no money except for tax revenue, any money we get back was ours to begin with. There is no free lunch.

If we want what we think to mean anything, we must, regardless of party, elect representatives who do care what we think. Apparently, very few of our current elected incumbents at the state or federal level do care.

George Rogers
Waynesboro, Pa.

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