Letters to the Editor

August 17, 2010

Donations needed for Meals on Wheels program

To the editor:

As I write this letter, there are 65 older Washington County citizens on the waiting list for Meals on Wheels. In order to serve them, the nonprofit Washington County Commission on Aging is reaching out to our local community.

A donation of any size helps brings us closer to one less homebound senior on the waiting list. Most seniors on the list are older than 80. Can you or your organization help us provide hot meals to a vulnerable senior in our community?

Meals on Wheels recipients typically live alone, do not have a support system and most are low-income. They have nutritional needs that would go unmet without assistance. Some recipients have a short-term need while recovering from surgery or while terminally ill. Others require long-term support due to a chronic illness or disability that renders them unable to care for their own nutritional needs.


Over the last 12 months, our dedicated staff and volunteers served 713 vulnerable people with meals either home delivered via 14 routes or at one of seven nutrition sites. It's never easy to place a senior on a waiting list, knowing that a fresh meal, delivered with a friendly word, could improve their quality of life. Please help us take care of those with the most pressing needs first. For many recipients, Meals on Wheels means staving off hunger as well as a way to avoid being institutionalized.

These seniors are medically homebound and therefore have invisible needs. Perhaps one of the people on the waiting list is your neighbor. Someday, it could be one of us. So I write this letter to ask for your help. A donation is most welcome.

Please contact the Washington County Commission on Aging Inc., 140 W. Franklin St., Fourth Floor, Hagerstown, MD 21740.

Hilary Lo
development specialist
Washington County Commission on Aging Inc.

Old Home Week pageant was a huge success

To the editor:

We would like to thank the many people who helped make the 37th triennial Old Home Week pageant a success. No amount of writing would make it possible without all the volunteer hours of those involved in the program of hometown history, music and laughter.

Toby Harvie, in her first year as director, was wonderful to work with through the weeks of rehearsals. She came up with ideas to make the scenes come to life. Dave Besecker, Dave McCandless, Eric Plum and Trevor Timmons came to the rescue with their talent in the music department, giving us beautiful sounds to go with the words. Each scene director added their own talent to make the eight vignettes tell a story of Greencastle-Antrim's past, with some drama, some humor and a lot of hard work.

To all of the actors who gave of their time and talent on the stage, to all of the musicians in front of the stage, and the marvelous people who worked behind the stage, we say thank you.

We thank the many people who loaned us the props needed to help complete the scenes of local history. We would ask "Do you have ... ?" The answer was "Yes, here, you take it. Do you need anything else?" What a wonderful community Greencastle-Antrim is, filled with many who helped "put on a show."

We also want to thank the audiences who came to the shows Aug. 3 and 4, offering their applause, attention and laughter - at all the right places. With planned lines and some that were not part of our script, waiting with us through Wednesday evening's "blackout" and all the kind comments in the days that followed, we offer our gratitude and the promise that we will be back in three years with some new old stories to tell.

Dody Clever
Sharon Baumbaugh
Old Home Week pageant co-chairs

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