AT&T had cell phone problems

August 17, 2010|By ANDREW SCHOTZ

Some area AT&T cell phone users in recent days had problems with calls to and from landline phones, said Jennifer Clark of Fleishman-Hillard, a public relations firm, speaking on behalf of AT&T.

Clark said in a telephone interview Tuesday that there apparently was a routing problem, but she wasn't able to elaborate. She said AT&T was working to figure out the cause.

In an e-mail Tuesday, Clark wrote: "Technicians were dispatched immediately and service was restored about 1 p.m. today." That was shortly after The Herald-Mail asked about the problem.

Clark said the problem was discovered Thursday and appeared to be limited to the Hagerstown area.

Local AT&T cell phone customers reported making calls to landline phones in recent days. They could not hear the phone ring or the person on the other end speak, even though the call was connected.


The cell callers heard their voices echo when they spoke.

Clark said the problem only affected wireless voice calling and not wireless data, such as Internet connection.

A man who uses a TracFone described the problem to the TracFone technical support department, which told him his phone was damaged and would need to be replaced, but his phone was fine after AT&T fixed its service.

Clark said AT&T "wasn't as prompt" as it could have been in sorting out the cell service problem and plans to figure out what went wrong.

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