Mail Call

August 15, 2010

"I'm calling about the deer problem in Washington County. These cloven-hoofed beasts cause accidents and property damage daily by leaping out in front of cars. Just last night, I hit one on my way to work. I think the county officials should contact President Obama and get some stimulus money earmarked for a deer eradication program. Perhaps they could be sprayed like bugs, or perhaps unemployed people could be hired to hunt them, and the meat could be used to feed homeless people." - Hagerstown

"President Obama says vote D for 'Drive,' or R for 'Reverse.' I kind of think it's vote R for 'Read the bill,' D for 'Don't bother.'" - Smithsburg

"I'm calling in reference to all the talk about President Obama turning the U.S. into a communist state. Obviously, people in the Tri-State do not understand what this definition means. We have freedom - sometimes too much. We can travel to see (Sarah) Palin's Alaska without showing our papers. We can go to church, even if we obviously don't pay attention there. We can do so many things and we are truly blessed. Stop being paranoid. Learn some poli-sci." - Boonsboro


"Where does Washington County rank on people being overweight in the state of Maryland?" - Boonsboro

"I want to complain about certain people that go to yard sales and that are very rude. I had a yard sale this past weekend and also helped my friend a few weeks ago, and there are some foreign families that throw the items in a pile like they are going to buy it and then try to get you to sell if for a lot cheaper than what you price, and when you don't agree, they leave it there. They should put it back. That's just common courtesy." - Hagerstown

"I would like to thank the paper for their column every Sunday that they publish, 'A Life Remembered.' The lady from Shepherdstown, this past Sunday, seemed like a beautiful person, and I think her friends are really going to miss her." - Hagerstown

"I'd like to respond to a person put something in Mail Call on Tuesday. This concerns city council code enforcement. This person's saying that the city council should ride around town and look at what happened since they got rid of some code enforcement people. ... If I own a home and if I see something my neighbor I don't like, then I'll call City Hall. I don't need somebody walk the street and look at my house to tell me what's wrong." - Hagerstown

"It was a wonderful carnival the Clear Spring Volunteer Fire Department put on this past week. My grandsons, wife and I really enjoyed it and had a good, safe time. But always - always a but, isn't there? What made it so great were the volunteers that put up the fenced pedestrian walkways and the excellent parking handling. My neighbors along Big Spring Road that turned a blind eye when somebody's car kind of crowded their driveway. All those who helped pick up all that trash. Every morning, the grounds were spotless." - Clear Spring

"Del. (Christopher B.) Shank constantly preaches on the need to reduce government spending, then chastises the Democrats for furloughing state workers. We know that any spending cut will result in unpleasant conditions for someone or some group. Why doesn't Shank tell us where he would make cuts? ... Shank says the Republicans have a budget-cutting plan on paper. Please, just let us know the centerpiece of that plan, preferably before the election." - Washington County

"Finally, a candidate for the school board who makes sense. You have my vote, Ms. (Dottie) Gruhler." - Hagerstown

"It appears the correctional officers at MCI-H need to concentrate more on where the prisoners are, rather than a pay raise." - Cavetown

"(Washington County Commissioner Kristin B.) Aleshire is right that public-private partnerships often lead to public funding. Does everyone remember how some were touting the benefits of advancing taxpayer money on a North High stadium public-private partnership? Who knows that the amount owed by the private sector is about $750,000 and that it has been outstanding for five years? Who knows that the public sector has had to pay the interest on that unpaid amount because it was taxpayer-borrowed money?" - Hagerstown

"I'm calling in about the remark for Funkstown. First of all, I lived in Funkstown all my life, and I can't believe that they're saying that the council voted to have money sent in from the citizens to donate for the repairs to the town hall. That is not true. The council did not do that. Just one person on the council made the remark, and he had no business saying that." - Funkstown

"Obviously, we can't have the one-party system in this country. When the Republicans were in charge of the White House and Congress, they screwed things up. Now, the Democrats are in charge of the White House and Congress, and now things are worse than they've ever been." - Williamsport

"To the caller that complained about the PONY Four at Little League: Yes, there are more than four Federal boys on that team, but when this newspaper wants to write a story, they are going to write about something that interests the readers. It's called journalism. Obviously, those four boys had a great game. It's funny how the one time Federal Little League is talked about in an article, people have to make comments. Jealousy is very unbecoming." - Hagerstown

"I've come to realize that the only thing that the Republican Party is good at is getting middle-class voters to vote against their own self-interests." - Waynesboro, Pa.

"The nine most terrifying words in the English language are 'I'm from the government, and I'm here to help.'" - Clear Spring

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