Mail Call

August 12, 2010

"To deal with the bat in your basement, fill a bucket with several inches of water. The bat will fly into the water. Check it in the morning and, if the bat is in the water, take it outside and carefully pour out the water. The bat should fly away. You may want to put a towel over the bucket as you carry it through the house so it can't escape on the way out. I have done this and it works." - Sharpsburg

"I see where they're trying to decide whether to build a new Bester or just fix it up. I can already tell you the answers. They're going to say it's going to be condemned, and they're going to tear it down. Did the same thing to my middle school, Washington Street. They said it was unfit to be a school, had to get it condemned. Isn't that funny? It's 30 years now, and Washington Street's still standing ... They wanted to build a new school ... So why pay the guy, why pay people to (study) it, just do it." - Hagerstown


"To the Hagerstown caller disgusted with the 'party of no' not voting money to the 9/11 responders: You talk about helping the disadvantaged and poor, then use the responders of 9/11 who were doing a job they're paid tax dollars to do and insurance if hurt on a dangerous job. I am a retired correctional officer and wouldn't think of expecting more money at the end of a bad month for doing my job I was paid for. That money can and should be used to make jobs and put money into pockets that need it. What gives you the right to throw around my money like that." - Falling Waters, W.Va.

"The party of 'no' kept us safe from terrorists for seven and a half years by developing new strategy. 'Yes' has had 13 terror attacks on his watch that he fails to call terrorists. 'Yes' has given Russians plenty to laugh about, by agreeing to loosen up on our defense. Putin isn't loosening up on his. Wait until the Bush tax cuts expire. Cap and trade rolls in ... See how you like it when food prices go up when food stores are charged more for electric and truckers charge more, and the VAT tax. Welfare recipients will be hurting when the do's don't have work." - Hagerstown

"I want to personally thank the person on Lindsay Lane that reported my dogs barking because my windows were open. Maybe if you have a problem with dogs barking you should have moved to a pet-free neighborhood. I hope you sleep well at night knowing that our dogs may potentially be euthanized and they have been taken away from my children. Instead of being concerned with our barking dogs, why don't you patrol our streets and catch who is breaking into cars in this 'high-end' neighborhood, if you're such a concerned ... resident." - Hagerstown

"I posted the piece about having to show identification at the doctor's office and other places. It's frustrating to me, but that wasn't the main point I was trying to make. I was trying to say that requiring people in Arizona to provide an ID is not that different than anywhere else. I see it as a lot of commotion about nothing." - Waynesboro, Pa.

"Sen. Cardin stood proudly as he handed HCC a check for $1.8 million. Why? It wasn't his money - it was the taxpayers.' Why don't I get to hand out some of these checks? ... It is not his money. It is ours, so let us take turns handing out this money." - Hagerstown

"I hope that this is right, that I see on the computer. This is Friday, and I'm on my computer now and I see where it says, Fannie Mae requests another $1.5 billion in aid, after second quarter loss. I certainly hope that we're not dumb enough to do that again. It says the extra funds would raise the total assistance to Fannie Mae to $86.1 billion." - Brownsville

"You know, this Sen. John McCain, he'd do anything to win an election out in Arizona. He's going to help to sponsor a bill to deny those little children a birth certificate, out in Arizona, for the whole country. They're trying to change the bill to have them not become American citizens if they're born in this country, which has been a law for years and years and years. So he'd do anything to win an election." - Hagerstown

"I was watching Hannity ... and they were complaining that Democrats blame Bush for all of the problems that President Obama faces now. Well, 80 percent of the deficit belongs to the George Bush administration, not the Obama administration. I guess Obama was supposed to be Jesus, and make the deficit go away instantly. And as for the unemployment and the bad economy, maybe Obama hasn't done enough, but it was George Bush." - Sharpsburg

"The candidates running for county commissioner need to address the issue of illegal immigration and the fact that a contractor performing a county contract does not have to prove that he hires American citizens. I really believe that we need to make sure that our tax dollars are staying in this country, instead of being sent south before our economy can improve, and it needs to start with our local officials." - Cavetown

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