Mail Call

August 11, 2010

"I feel for the man that has three babies and they cater to the mother about him not getting child support. My daughter's father left for Michigan in November. I have been fighting for child support, and all's I get from the child support agency is 'Good luck, he is in Michigan and we cannot get him.' They have been catering to him also. He left Hagerstown ... left a $20-hour-something job. ... They did intercept his taxes, and he has a contempt of court hearing in September, but they say unless he does not show up for that, it depends on your case worker what they will do." - Hagerstown

"About the overgrown yards: Just have prisoners mow them, or better yet, have the mortgage companies that own the properties pay to have the yards mowed. Why should the taxpayers have to pay a contractor to mow the grass?" - Clear Spring


"Finally something I can agree with the Republican Party about, putting a stop to the automatic citizenship of babies born in this country to foreigners. I have to wonder why it was ever made a part of the Constitution, as it makes no sense whatsoever. They have my support." - Greencastle, Pa.

"Why should hybrid car owners get special parking spaces? Those hybrids cost a lot of money, so that buys them a special parking space that others can't afford." - Boonsboro

"Many of our city streets need repair, and our wonderful Department of Public Works decides to repave the driveway to the white elephant skating rink. Maybe they should take a look at the first block of Virginia Avenue between Summit Avenue and Park Circle. Doesn't anyone have even the most remote clue that these are extremely difficult times, and we should spend our tax dollars wisely?" - Hagerstown

"I believe America should let us trade with Cuba. Cuba's never been to war with America yet. We do trade with China, and Vietnam and the Chinese killed many Americans in the Korean War, Vietnamese killed many Americans in the Vietnam war, yet we do trade with both of those countries, and a lot of goods are made in Vietnam and China, and it's time that we were allowed to go and visit the fine country of Cuba, and to do trade." - Hagerstown

"Stop rewarding irresponsible and lazy behavior." - Halfway

"Hey, Hagerstown caller who said President Obama was doing a good job, and goes on to say 'You the man:' He sure is the man - who goes on all these vacations, hamburger joints, ice cream parlors, ball games, on 'The View.' Would someone pull him aside and tell him he's president, so please act like one, and get our country out of this mess he's put us in? I'm sure there's someone who would help him do this, since he doesn't have a clue." - Hagerstown

"OK, say I went out last night and got drunk, and I woke up the next day with a hangover and I couldn't go to work. I'm going to blame George Bush." - Williamsport

"Concerning the junk mail issue, I also use the postage paid envelope and put a note in them to remove my name from the mailing list. I now get very little junk mail. Some pre-addressed envelopes I did put on a stamp, and it was worth every bit of the cost just to go to my mailbox and be free of junk mail. This also helps the company, post offices and the landfill." - Hagerstown

"I'm reading in today's paper someone said 'I think the Chinese government is more American than the Republican Party.' They're probably right, because all the Democrats do is send all the jobs to China." - Hagerstown

"To resolve the issue of Bester Elementary, why don't we let the Bester children go over to the new alternative school, and the alternative school children go to Bester? That seems to me it would solve the problem and save a lot of money." - Hagerstown

"This is on Social Security and Medicare. I saw in Friday's morning paper, talking about making cuts, cutting Social Security out, I guess, and Medicare and everything else. Well, you know what I have, I have a message for Congress and the Senate and the President of the U.S. You people stole the money from Social Security, so instead of you all spending millions of dollars to send overseas ... and you need to quit sending it overseas and put the money back into Social Security." - Hagerstown

"I would like to thank the lady and the three gentlemen who helped me on Thursday in the Kmart parking lot, when I locked the keys in my car. I didn't get their names. There was also another young man. I would like to thank you all. You know who you are, and I greatly appreciated your help." - Hagerstown

"I'd just like to make a comment and say a word of thanks to the ladies that work in the IV center at Washington County Hospital. They helped me last night when I had chest pains, and I've been admitted into the hospital, so - but I want to say a word of thanks to those ladies, all of them, for the work they do, because I don't think they get enough credit ... Thank you, God bless." - Hagerstown

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