Antrim Township Supervisors revisit concession stand

Cost of Community Park project still a sticking point

August 10, 2010|By DANA BROWN

GREENCASTLE, Pa. -- The Antrim Township Board of Supervisors on Tuesday revisited options for building a concession stand at Antrim Township Community Park.

In July, the board moved to drop the concession stand from park plans altogether.

The cost of the project -- estimated at about $150,000 -- is the sticking point for the supervisors.

Previous construction bids for the facility did not meet the board's approval and, in July, they voted against seeking additional bids and moved to eliminate the building from park plans.

Grant money of as much as $225,000 from the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources is available to the township to help fund the concession stand.

The project came up again Tuesday when Township Administrator Brad Graham told the board he wanted to "generate discussion" about the concession stand to ensure the board was heading in the right direction.


Board President Rick Baer told the board there was a possibility that he could rally volunteers to build the structure, which would reduce the total cost of construction. He asked for the board's approval to look into the possibility.

"What I'll do now is round up the posse," Baer said. "I think this is the way we need to go."

Baer said only "skilled labor" would be used. He said he wanted to see the structure completed by winter.

Graham urged the board to consider Baer's suggestion. He said the volunteer labor would count as the township's contribution, which is required under the DCNR grant guidelines.

Supervisor Sam Miller said the cost of the concession stand was still a concern to him. He suggested that the board consider redesigning the structure to save money on building materials.

Supervisor Fred Young pointed to the time frame set forth in the grant guidelines as a limitation to redesigning the concession stand.

"The problem is, we applied for the funds two years ago," Young said. "It should have been done by now."

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