It's not too late for a summer love

August 10, 2010|By KATIE FITZGERALD / Pulse correspondent
  • Summer loves are great because they teach you about relationships.
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Summer loves can sweep you off your feet or make you fall head over heels.

It's different than a regular school year relationship because you have more time and freedom to see the other person whenever you want.

The commitment for each other possibly isn't as strong as it is during the school year because you want to be free and meet new people.

And if a new option approaches you, your arms are open for it.

Why have a summer romance?

It could be because you have more freedom from your parents to pester you and no schoolwork to get finished.

Or maybe you haven't been hanging around your usual school clique, and this might give you some leeway to look at someone you wouldn't have thought twice about talking to before.

And according to Kids, serotonin is produced in your brain when you're exposed to sunlight. Higher levels of serotonin helps to keep you happy. So no wonder why you're always attracted to every guy or girl strolling down the beach.


Something you should look for in a summer love, or any love in general, is someone who makes you happy and can make you laugh. Go for someone who you might have things in common with, and someone that treats you well.

If you're always bummed out and lying around the house all day you'll never have a summer love.

So get out and go to the pool, there are plenty of places that you can score a new love.

Go to the beach, get a job, hang out with your friends, or even volunteer somewhere - anywhere you can meet people is a good place for a possible summer love to be hiding.

Some flings might last into the fall, but usually people just want a short romance and nothing long term, especially if you're going back to school.

If your relationship is all about the excitement of a new romance and not based on true feelings, it will fizzle out quickly and you'll go back to studying for hours and playing sports when the fall comes.

Although summer loves can be exciting, it also teaches you a little more about yourself. These fleeting romances can teach you how to let go of the world and just have fun with the one your with. This does not mean that you should drop out of school or your job to find a love. Maybe it means you could smile a little bit more or talk to people who you wouldn't normally talk to.

I am happy to say that it is not too late to find a summer love - so get out there! If you are more of a shy person, volunteering would be a great motive to meet people you could possibly be interested in. Or maybe you're an outgoing person; the beach/pool is your spot to stay. Don't worry if you can't find a special someone there, you could always hang out with your friends.

You and your summer love will have to talk things over by the end of the season to understand whether the two of you would like to continue things throughout the fall season. If you do not, the relationship might become confusing toward the end of the summer. So the best solution to this problem would be to talk it out.

Summer loves are fun to have and a great way to grow emotions for the opposite sex.

Remember, it's not too late to find a great love for the summer.

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