Twins make hot dogs to benefit earthquake victims

August 08, 2010|By EBONI JAGGERS
  • Twins Asher, left, and Aliyah Newberry, 9, have recently raised funds for Haiti by putting together a hot dog fundraiser.
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SMITHSBURG - Identical twins Asher and Aliyah Newberry are virtually inseparable. They do everything together - including saving the world one hot dog at a time.

They say their "twin telepathy" played a part in cooking up the idea.

The twins, 9, said after hearing about the devastating earthquake in Haiti, they knew they wanted to do something to help.

"Our teacher told us about an earthquake in Haiti," Asher said. "I heard every single person (at school) talking about it, and I asked my mom about it."

Aliyah said it was Asher's idea to put on a benefit to support Haiti, adding hot dogs into the equation was her idea.

On May 15, the girls put their plan, Hot dogs for Haiti, into action. After a $20 donation for supplies from their grandmother, Sybil Schiffman, the twins set out to Smithsburg Market to raise money for the Haitian effort.


Asher said their mother, Laura Wilson, made the hot dogs.

The twins made the lemonade, which she joked tasted like water.

The largest donation of $20, Asher said, was given by a man who didn't even accept a hot dog.

She said he just wanted to support the cause.

At the end of their work day, the twins had collected a total of $75.61, which was donated to IMA World Health for the relief effort in Haiti.

The Smithsburg Elementary fourth-graders have pitched a second Haitian relief effort to their mother, this time with hamburgers.

"It's really sad because (the earthquake in Haiti) has almost fallen completely out of the news," Wilson said. "It's off everyone's radar; so I'm all about Hamburgers for Haiti."

She said she was very impressed with her daughter's work at Hot dogs for Haiti.

From start to finish, Wilson said, the girls were involved with the event and maintained their enthusiasm.

Aliyah said the money she and her sister raised for Haiti will probably buy those effected food and clothing.

Asher said she thinks the money will be put toward buying supplies and wood to rebuild houses.

"I saw a picture on the news of all the houses burned down and people looked sad," she said. "It's going to take them years and years to rebuild."

Aliyah said her work for Haiti is just a stepping-stone in her plans to save the world.

"My really important dream has always been to build something nice for the world," Aliyah said. "It's my goal to kind of rebuild the world back to how it's supposed to be."

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