Restaurant inspections for April 2010

August 07, 2010
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o China 88, 22405 Jefferson Blvd., Smithsburg -- light out in walk-in cooler; open food items in freezer (corrected); improper storage of single-service articles (corrected); less than 15 seconds of contact time for women's hot water in restroom; evidence of leak in men's restroom ceiling.

o Clear Spring Country Diner, 11843 National Pike, Clear Spring -- wet wiping cloths stored outside of sanitizer (corrected).

o Clear Spring Elementary School, 12627 Broadfording Road, Clear Spring -- drain line from wash compartment on three-compartment sink has insufficient air gap.

o Coffman Nursing Home Inc., 1304 Pennsylvania Ave. -- food box delivery stored on floor inside walk-in freezer.

o Dixie Diner, 4 N. Main St., Smithsburg -- insufficient sanitizer concentration at dishwasher; ketchup stored inside open can (discarded); must clean exhaust fan and exhaust vents of hood above stove.

o Dutch Country Kitchen, 1583 Potomac Ave. -- temperature of sausage too cool (food discarded); improper storage of single-service articles; must clean exhaust hood; improper setup of three-compartment sink; must repair/replace base cove below three-compartment sink.


o El Palenque Cantina, 204 E. Franklin St. -- covered trash receptacle needed in women's restroom; evidence of leak in various ceiling tiles.

o Food Lion, 18717 North Pointe Drive -- brightness under deli vent hood too low; must clean can opener (corrected); light shield missing in tray cooler in meat market area.

o Food Lion, 22401 Jefferson Blvd., Smithsburg -- cardboard on shelves of ice cream freezer and cheese display.

o Fountaindale Elementary School, 901 Northern Ave. -- hot water faucet at hand sink in kitchen supplies water for less than required 15 seconds; sanitizer level low at three-compartment sink.

o Fuji Chinese Cuisine & Sushi, 11205 John F. Kennedy Drive, Suite 205 -- must clean floors around equipment, exhaust vent and floors inside walk-in units; cardboard under chicken in walk-in freezer; boxes on floor in various locations.

o Georgia Boy Cafe, 325 Virginia Ave. -- unshielded light in prep area; evidence of leak above ice machine.

o Goodwill Athletics Association, 128 Mulberry St. -- improper storage container (can) for cheese in walk-in (cheese discarded).

o Hilltop Grill, 11400 Robinwood Drive -- must clean floors below fryer and grill, in storage area under racks and next to True freezer.

o J&D Meats, 1583 Potomac Ave. -- hood light out; must clean hood.

o King's NY Pizza & Restaurant, 13209B Fountainhead Plaza -- lighting at grill, in walk-in cooler and in walk-in freezer below required brightness; need chemical test strips.

o LongHorn Steakhouse, 1000 Prime Outlets Blvd. -- dented can of chocolate fudge topping on dry storage shelving (removed); sanitizer in sanitizing bucket below required level (bucket replaced); must clean ceiling along back food prep area; need paper towels at hand sink at bar; hot-water timed faucets run less than required 15 seconds in men's and women's restrooms; cold-water faucet in men's restroom not supplying water when pressed.

o Martin's Food Market, 1650-C Wesel Blvd. -- Must clean bakery walk-in freezer floor and ceiling vents in produce prep area; frozen condensation on floor, ceiling and condenser in walk-in dairy freezer; must reseal to wall a hand sink in women's restroom and both hand sinks in men's restroom.

o Martin's Food Market, 18726 North Pointe Drive -- Must clean vents and ceiling tiles around vents; ice buildup around cooling units on ceiling and under center cooling unit in big walk-in freezer; must replace cutting board at deli/sandwich prep station; wash/rinse temperature too low for deli dishwasher; must repair/replace dishwasher temperature gauge; produce walk-in cooler door damaged.

o Maugansville Elementary School, 18023 Maugans Ave., Maugansville -- dishwasher pressure gauge not working.

o Maugansville Goodwill Volunteer Fire Co., 13730 Maugansville Road, Maugansville -- must clean inside bottom of refrigerator and freezer, and exhaust hood fans; must prepare and submit HACCP plan for approval.

o McDonald's, 17301 Valley Mall Road -- must clean plastic white strip inside ice machine; sanitizing level of buckets too low (changed and corrected to 50 ppm chlorine); employee coat stored next to clean trays (corrected).

o Nikko Japanese Steak & Seafood, 1580 F Wesel Blvd. -- Need handle for hot water faucet at hand sinks at waitress station and dishwashing area (both hand sinks have fully operational hand sinks within 25 feet); must clean front of kitchen cabinets in service area, employee restroom floor, and floors next to base covering in service area, under tables in kitchen prep area, and under shelving in walk-in cooler; must clean inside door of ice machine (corrected); must remove ice condensation from walk-in freezer's floor.

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