Puppy believed to have been dragged by car doing 'remarkably well'

August 06, 2010|By TRISH RUDDER

BERKELEY SPRINGS, W.Va. -- A puppy that is believed to have been tied to and dragged by a car is at a local animal hospital and has a good chance for recovery, a veterinarian caring for the dog said Friday.

Dr. Mark R. Roberts of Berkeley Springs Animal Hospital said the 7-month-old female black lab mix, named Booboo, is doing "remarkably well," a week after the injuries occurred.

"She has the will to get better," Roberts said as he petted the puppy who wagged her tail when anyone spoke to her.

Roberts said he performed surgery on the dog after the Humane Society of Morgan County brought her to him Sunday.

In addition to injured left knee ligaments, road rash and a hernia from hitting road objects, her rear feet were ground to the bone, and the ligaments and tendons were "totally gone" from the asphalt abrasions, Roberts said.


According to Humane Society President George Farnham, Morgan County animal control responded to a call July 30 that a dog was hit by a car on Meridian Road. The dog was taken to veterinarian Jane Doyle and spent the night at her animal clinic.

But the injuries were bad, infection had set in and surgery was needed, Roberts said.

Humane Society assistant shelter manager Barbie Ginck said the dog was taken to the shelter Saturday, where she monitored the animal and named her Booboo.

"It just fits," Ginck said.

Roberts said Booboo will remain hospitalized until her wounds are healed, then be returned to the Humane Society shelter.

"She's out of the woods, but will she be able to function?" Roberts asked.

Ginck hopes scar tissue will grow on Booboo's back feet, giving her the support she needs to be able to walk again.

"But her feet will have to be protected by booties because her pads were worn away," Ginck said.

"I have never seen a case of cruelty like this with this amount of damage. There was an unbelievable amount of damage," Roberts said.

Farnham said Roberts waived most of his fees to treat the puppy and more than $500 in donations have been received to help pay for Booboo's medical bills.

He said the Humane Society has received about $3,000 in pledges towards a reward for the arrest and conviction of the people or person who harmed the puppy.

"It's been heartwarming that our community has stepped forward to help defray the medical costs for Booboo, and to provide a reward fund to find and prosecute those involved," Farnham said.

"She has an unbelievable heart and will. She could have easily given up," Roberts said.

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