WASB interviews 'three good candidates' to fill vacancy

August 06, 2010|By DANA BROWN

WAYNESBORO, Pa. -- Three people shared information about their backgrounds and desire to serve the community when the Waynesboro Area School Board conducted interviews Thursday to fill a board vacancy.

Jennifer Johns, Sherry Cline and Bruce Greenshields all applied for the position made available by the resignation in mid-July of board member Brenda Lucas, who was elected in 2009.

School Board President Edward Wilson led the question-and-answer session.

o Johns, of Hawbaker Avenue, was the first candidate to be interviewed. She told board members she wants to serve on the board because she has four children who attend Waynesboro public schools.

When asked what she thinks is the role of a school board member, Johns said protecting all children in the district would be her priority.


o Cline, of Clayton Avenue, was the second candidate to be interviewed. She said she wanted to serve on the school board because she has three children attending school in the Waynesboro Area School District, can dedicate the time to the position, and believes she would be an asset to the board because of her background and experience working with students, teachers and counselors.

Cline said the major role of a school board member is to provide guidance on policy and oversight, impart discernment on budget matters, be a voice for voters and speak on behalf of students.

o Greenshields, also of Clayton Avenue, was the final candidate to be interviewed. He told the board he wanted to serve on the board because he is retired, has the time and energy to put into the position, believes in the value of public education and would like to contribute to the public school system.

Greenshields said the major role of a school board member is to support teachers and administrators and to help them find ways to achieve the goals they have set.

Each candidate was asked what they saw to be the most serious issue facing the district.

Johns said increased crime was her concern. Cline said low Pennsylvania System of State Assessment test scores were her concern. Greenshields said his concerns were academic performance and discipline, and the long-term effect of the economic recession on tax revenues.

Following the interviews, school board members briefly discussed the challenge of the decision ahead of them as they try to select one of the candidates to fill the vacancy.

Board member Firmadge Crutchfield said all the candidates seemed to be committed to the community.

"It's going to be a hard decision," he said.

The board is expected to announce its decision at its Aug. 10 meeting.

"I would hope the public would let us know how they feel," Wilson said. "We've had three good candidates."

Lucas, who represented the Borough of Waynesboro on the nine-person board, cited work commitments as the reason for her resignation, saying she works more than one job.

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