Letters to the Editor

August 06, 2010

We need more conservative-minded women in public life such as Sarah Palin

To the editor:

Sarah Palin burst on to the personality scene as a result of her being named as the vice presidential candidate alongside John McCain in his run for the presidency in 2009.

Why has this attractive and accomplished lady caused such a stir? She has been adored and vilified from the outset. It seems that women in particular find her not to their liking. And these are often the very same women that have touted women's rights in the past. Talking heads like Joy Behar and Rachel Maddow are nearly obsessed with making "catty" comments at every opportunity, and "The View" does the same. Other politically connected liberal females constantly refer to her as being unqualified to seek higher office. The last two presidents plus Jimmy Carter had formerly been governors of a state. Were they also unqualified? Is being a "community organizer" and hack legislator a better resume for high office?


The truth remains that she was an extremely popular governor of the state with the largest land mass in America. Yes, she came on the scene somewhat unprepared for the liberal press and its decision to marginalize her as a candidate for the second highest office in our country, but that first interview with Katie Couric was obviously designed to put her down. It was as unfriendly as it could be and was intended to dampen her crowd-stirring appearance at the Republican Convention. She had been a big hit and the biased press was eager to show her as something she was not.

Women dislike her for several reasons:

o She is a straight talker and represents an unsophisticated political perspective.

o She is by choice a mother of a mentally challenged child and is against abortion on demand.

o She is not afraid to express her religious beliefs.

o And she can do what most women could never include in their conquests: Use a high powered rifle to hunt large game.

In addition, she is just too good looking to do things that fall into a man's world. They are jealous of her because she is so accomplished and still has the looks that would catch your eye on a magazine cover.

This country needs all the conservative-minded women in public life that are available to influence America's destiny. There are many that I could mention, but the list is quite long. You already know their names. And I applaud their outspoken rhetoric on talk radio and cable TV.

Ned A. Garrett

Citizens need freedom to arm themselves

To the editor:

Whatever works. At least (the protesters) got the people's attention concerning the pro-choice, people protesting innocent babies, the right to live. I feel in my opinion, not that I am taking sides on the issue of those people displaying graphic signs, but I am against our country's leaders who allow this horrible act of abortion to go on. To (condone) innocent babies not having the right to live, to me, that is very much like (murder). If people don't want children, then why must they engage in sexual contact?

I realize there are incidents or circumstances when the woman is raped, but for our government and others to allow these people to have an abortion anytime they choose, the choice is still (murder) to me with a capital M. It is their right and freedom, but innocent babies have rights, too.

Don't bring children in the world if you don't want them. There are plenty of drugs out there people can use to not get pregnant.

Russell "Pete" Seville
Greencastle, Pa.

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