Greencastle group photo an Old Home Week tradition

August 04, 2010|By JENNIFER FITCH

GREENCASTLE, Pa. -- On Wednesday, Sienna Fitzgerald and Dolly Shoemaker both participated for the first time in the traditional Old Home Week photo.

Just two months old, Sienna was among the younger participants. Her family situated the infant, dressed in a yellow-and-white onesie, toward the front of the crowd of hundreds.

Her mother, Breanna Holloway, twice before took part in the photo, which is a key event in the triennial Old Home Week celebration. She described participation as important for "memories and being part of Greencastle."

"It only happens every three years," she said.

Shoemaker, 77, watched the photo being taken in years past from the stoop of her Center Square gift shop. She had stopped by Old Home Week headquarters on a day of relaxation and decided she'd jump into the photo.


"It's just the tradition I grew up with," Shoemaker said of Old Home Week. "We look forward to it here in Greencastle."

Old Home Week President Ben Thomas Jr. and Secretary Carol Christophel said they've been in the Center Square photos all their lives. Past photos line the walls of the festival's headquarters, and people can buy prints.

People don't need much direction when lining up for the photo, Christophel said.

"They know what to do and how to do it," she said.

The set-up has remained the same, and the same photographers from Washington, D.C., have been coming for 30 years, Thomas said.

"You don't mess with success," he said.

Thomas said the photo, like other Old Home Week events, is about a combination of tradition, friendship and fellowship -- "that thing the town is known for."

Melissa Nowell said she did all the photos when she was younger, but she had missed the last few. Being off work Wednesday afforded her an opportunity to participate with her daughters, 18-year-old Anna and 14-year-old Molly.

"There were a lot more people than I had seen in recent years'" pictures, Melissa Nowell said.

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