Deeds for June 2010

August 01, 2010

Deeds for June 2010

Churchey Group II LLC, 1860 Meridian Drive, Hagerstown, to Hugh E. Jr. and Linda J. Middlekauff, for $320,067.

John D. and Rhonda Y. McDermott, 13303 Fairfax Road, Hagerstown, to Michael T. Mooers, for $204,000.

Joseph W. and Mary Ann Eichelberger, 5616 Sharpsburg Pike, Sharpsburg, to Eldon L. and Shirley A. Eichelberger, for $149,000.

Una M. Yeakle, 11425 Big Pool Road, Big Pool, to James Golden Jr., for $188,000.

Randy B. Wolfensberger, 10858 Garrison Hollow Road, Clear Spring, to Justin C. and Brittany L. Michael, for $270,000.

Dennis L. Hutzell, 20133 Trovinger Mill Road, Hagerstown, to William Steven Huff, for $229,000.

MRC Investments LLC, 7811 McClellan Ave., Boonsboro, to Charles W. III and Sherri L. Taylor, for $233,000.

Darylene A. Ford, 1085 Bramly Drive, Hagerstown, to Alexander G. Wolde, for $140,000.

R&J Rehab LLC, 519 W. Howard St., Hagerstown, to David Matthew Hobbs, for $164,000.


Miriam E. Paul, 21335 Mt. Lena Road, Boonsboro, to Michael R. Demar, for $185,000.

Keystone Custom Homes Inc., 12100 Fallen Timbers Circle, Hagerstown, to Nathan R. Shaffer, for $285,000.

Brian E. Fogle, 11825 Seminole Drive, Smithsburg, to Brent E. and Natalie J. Little, for $214,900.

Faith Ann Griffin, 234 S. Main St., Boonsboro, to James M. and Kristina L. Walent, for $124,900.

Peeples Properties LLC, 715 Largo Drive, Hagerstown, to Miriam E. Paul, for $159,900.

James W. Nichols, 16118 Cloverton Lane, Williamsport, to Brenda L. Dattilio and Ashley N. Cooper, for $203,000.

Jeffrey D. Ryder, 102 Mason Place, Boonsboro, to David F. and Dawn M. Rezvani, for $315,000.

Jason M. Shanahan, 8529 Mountain Laurel Road, Boonsboro, to Steven F. Epperly and Diane E. Ose, for $115,000.

Willard C. Graves Jr., 10919 Decker Ave., Hagerstown, to Michael A. and Christy L. Squibb, for $167,000.

Carl W. and Jeanie H. Stark, 13218 Club Road, Hagerstown, to Stephen C. and Amy B. Lynch, for $193,500.

Llwellyn R. and Frances J. Martin, 13530 Paradise Church Road, Hagerstown, to Robin M. Bleesz, for $260,000.

Kathy V. Alderton, 339 Yorkshire Drive, Hagerstown, to Carl R. and Amanda N. Putnam, for $146,000.

Mary Jane Ahalt, 7814 Sharpsburg Pike, Boonsboro, to William E. Jr. and Charlotte M. Stotler, for $105,000.

Victoria L. Churchey, 832 Lanvale St., Hagerstown, to David J. Wolfe, for $75,283.

Pauline M. Kent, 13207 Edgemont Road, Smithsburg, to Curtis L. Jr. and Jamie Rae West, for $115,000.

David H. Breeden Jr., 3631 Trego Mountain Road, Keedysville, to William R. Gibson Jr., for $187,000.

Westfields Invenstment LLC, 9441 Westenberger Drive, Hagerstown, to DRB Financial Corp., for $116,000.

Westfields Invenstment LLC, 18414 Wissett Way, Hagerstown, to DRB Financial Corp., for $116,000.

Douglas G. and Lynda S. Bailey, 19249 Betty's Ave., Hagerstown, to Robert Lee and Debbie Louise Slick, for $329,000.

Cody William Gossard, 19508 Marsh Circle, Hagerstown, to James V. Grubbs, for $275,000.

James H. Sniezek Jr., 20138 Kelly's Lane, Hagerstown, to Jessie M. Bish and Jeffery S. Taulton Jr., for $127,000.

Gerald W. Ocker, 14108 Maugansville Road, Maugansville, to Robert L. Sr. and Anna M. Fritz, for $172,900.

Glenn G. and Montina M. Dalton, 516 Cornell Ave., Hagerstown, to David Isenbergh, for $210,000.

Clemson Properties LLC, Reed Road, Knoxville, to Aquillas O. and Barbara A. Peachey, for $150,000.

Daniel J R Statler, 616 Linganore Ave., Hagerstown, to Megan E. Grunberg Et Al, for $70,000.

Wheaton Properties LLC, 1201 Frederick St., Hagerstown, to Erin E. and Karl G. Licht Jr., for $151,000.

Michael G. Capone, 16203 Shaffer Road, Sharpsburg, to Karl Mitterndorfer, for $118,000.

Amy K. and Shawn M. Michaud, 16208 Spade Road, Hagerstown, to Sonda Snyder, for $192,500.

Peter W. and Julia Bernier, 17123 Bivens Lane, Hagerstown, to Cheree M. and Jerry W. Pinkard, for $425,000.

Nancy J. Lochner, 13 Young Ave., Boonsboro, to Edward Mann, for $151,000.

James P. Farber Jr., 4253 Main St., Rohrersville, to Christopher R. Lantz, for $160,000.

Karen B. and William F. Miller, 19142 Valley Overlook Court, Knoxville, to Benjamin R. McClellan, for $390,000.

Harry A. Barnhart,105 Chartridge Drive, Hagerstown, to Melinda M. Woodward and Jennifer M. Taylor, for $229,000.

Lexca LLC, 337 N. Locust St., Hagerstown, to Jesse A. and Catherine Taylor, for $79,900.

Rockland Drive LLC, 18335 Rockland Drive, Hagerstown, to Victor Hugo Cariaga, for $280,000.

Ronald B. Long, 11910 Wesley Drive, Hagerstown, to Stacy D. Fossett, for $181,000.

Warren W. and Tricia M. Churchey, 132 Sunflower Drive, Hagerstown, to Ralph D. and Lucille M. Pryor, for $167,000.

DRB Financial Corp., 18430 Wissett Drive, Hagerstown, to Eric C. and Michelle D Shy, for $262,120.

DRB Financial Corp., 18215 Prestwick Drive, Hagerstown, to Bryan M. and Mandi L. Glines, for $272,000.

DRB Financial Corp., 18219 Prestwick Drive, Hagerstown, to Catherine F. Proot, for $273,943.

Norma Jean Everhart, 19120 Woodhaven Drive, Hagerstown, to Gerald W. Ocker, for $172,900.

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