After 50 years, Meyers still enjoys practicing law

July 31, 2010|By HEATHER LOWERY
  • Attorney Lynn Meyers
By Yvette May/Staff Photographer,

Lynn Meyers of Meyers, Young and Grove P.A., has been practicing law in Washington County for 50 years.

Meyers, 76, graduated from Hagerstown High School in 1952, Penn State University in 1956 and the University of Maryland School of Law in 1959.

"I went to all the local schools," Meyers said.

Right out of law school, Meyers spent a year clerking for the Maryland Court of Appeals under one of five appellate judges.

On July 1, 1960, Meyers opened his first law office on West Franklin Street in Hagerstown.

"It was in a storefront, and my very first secretary was my wife's sister," Meyers said. "I didn't have the money to pay anyone a great deal, and so she was my secretary until she went back to school."

Meyers remembers his early years as a lawyer.

"There was one circuit court judge, Kenneth McLaughlin, and his door was always open," he said. "His secretary would yell back to his office, 'Judge, one of your boys is out here,' and he would say, 'Tell him to come in.' This, to me, was very gratifying. It was a source to get his vast experience on everything."


In 1963, Meyers was asked to become partners with brothers John and Charles Wagaman.

"I joined in September 1963. That is this firm now," Meyers said. "Since then, we've had a lot of fine attorneys and four judges come through this office."

Meyers said he remembers when there were no computers or photocopiers.

"Everyone used manual typewriters, and secretaries listened while taking shorthand," Meyers said. "Now, everything is online, and all you have to do is subscribe to get your research. I still feel more comfortable holding a book in my hand, going right through the hard copy."

Meyers, who said he thinks he is the oldest, full-time practicing lawyer in Washington County, attributes his success to his family and to God.

"I have to give all the credit to the Lord for the blessing of health, and to my lovely wife, Shirley, who gave me three sons, and for always being there," Meyers said. "She was my rock and behind me all the way."

Meyers said Washington County has been a great place for him to practice law.

"I could have stayed in Baltimore and practiced in a big-time firm," he said. "Thankfully, I chose to come to Hagerstown, and I've never looked back."

Meyers said law has been a good career for him.

"I have been very blessed," Meyers said. "I wouldn't trade it for all the stuff in the world. You can't take stuff with you, but you can leave a legacy, and I hope folks will say, 'He helped when I needed it.'"

What does the future hold for Meyers?

"I'm hoping that I can still continue as long as they will have me here," he said. "My staff and partners have been great, and I couldn't take a day off without feeling guilty."

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