Mail Call

July 30, 2010

"My message: Hi, Sarah. How's that 'drill, baby, drill' thing working for you now?"

- Myersville, Md.

"I love watermelons, and now that they're really in season, it tastes to me like the seedless varieties, which seem to be about all the supermarkets and stands carry nowadays, aren't quite as flavorful as the seeded varieties. But maybe I'm just remembering them as better than they actually were. So does anyone else agree? Hey, they're still good, and I like the lack of seeds. Maybe I just don't know how to choose a good melon. Does anyone know a reliable method? None of the ones I've tried have worked consistently."

- Frederick, Md.

"People are calling in about how their property taxes have gone up and the home values have gone down. The only thing we can do is we've got to clear out the politicians that are in there. You might like one of them or two of them, but we need to clean the house. Get rid of - from the bottom up, from the treasurer through the county commissioner, get rid of all of the politicians ... and if they do the same thing, get rid of them. It's time for the public to put their foot down. There hasn't been anything that the county commissioners haven't been willing to throw thousands of dollars at, if you look back."


- Williamsport

"I'm calling in response to all these people leaving these Mail Calls in there about the people and unemployment. I bet you none of them that are saying they get the things and we should get drug tested has never even been on unemployment. Be a little bit fair about us going through this terrible time in our lives and don't be so judgmental. One day you might be on unemployment."

- Hagerstown

"This is for all you President Obama bashers out there. He really didn't win the election - John McCain lost it. He was the lesser of two evils to pick from. Hopefully in our next election we'll have two better candidates to choose from."

- Hagerstown

"I am not a member of a community association or landholder association, so can someone please tell me how much power the Neighborhood Watch ... has over me, because I am not a member. I do not believe in those ... organizations."

- Halfway

"I can't speak for everyone, but I believe the extension of unemployment checks being passed through Congress and signed by President Obama is a big mistake. Those people who have been out of work for a long period is just getting free money instead of going out to earn it. Perhaps the jobs available don't pay a high salary, but at least it will give them something until they can better themselves. We all need to live within our means, stop splurging. Save the taxpayer from this burden. Get a job."

- Waynesboro, Pa.

"Yes, it's nice that they passed the unemployment extension, but sure would have been nice to know that you had to continue filing to get the back payments."

- Hagerstown

"I've noticed that a lot of people who buy distressed or foreclosed properties from banks almost immediately put these homes back on the market with prices way higher, sometimes almost 50 percent over what they paid the bank. I suppose they are hoping that some dumb person will come along and buy. If you are a home buyer in Maryland it is a good idea to look up the house you are planning to buy online at the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation website. There you can find out when the home you are planning to buy was last sold, what the price was, and who bought it from who."

- Hagerstown

"Once again, Rodney Pearson Sr. has submitted a sensible and thought-provoking letter to the editor: 'Only vote for those who will not run again.' Thank you, Mr. Pearson, for your excellent evaluation of today's political agenda versus the intent of our founding fathers, who are probably turning over in their graves."

- Keedysville

"This is in response to the fourth Mail Call, published July 23, regarding unemployment. If you work in the state of Pennsylvania you are granted unemployment because you have paid employment taxes, which is a certain amount deducted from each of your paychecks, in addition to what your employer pays for you. However, if you work in the state of Maryland, employees do not have any unemployment taxes deducted from any paycheck and employers totally pay your unemployment taxes. Therefore, like everyone knows, you receive more unemployment benefits in Pennsylvania than in Maryland. It's an individual state law regarding unemployment."

- Mercersburg, Pa.

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