Mail Call

July 28, 2010

"In editorials recently, a gentleman suggested having a policeman on the bus to stand as a 'power figure' to make students behave. Again, here is government raising our kids. In my 12 years on a bus, I never saw a 'fist fight,' bloody nose. First, we learned respect for our elders (even if we didn't like them), including our bus driver. Values, manners, habits, attitudes come from home. Parents aren't setting good examples. ... An armed policeman to correct them today, will be the National Guard next. Sounds like a jail to me." - Hagerstown

"In reference to the BOE article about state proficiency standards, I think it's great where we stand in the testings, but what about the slow learners? I for a fact know that there are seniors graduating with eighth-grade reading levels. Teachers don't have time for them, so they fall through the cracks. Students with the learning disabilities have their peers helping them. ... Parents can't afford tutors, and why should they? Our taxpayers' money pays the teachers." - Hagerstown


"I would like to thank the person encouraging us to read Matthew chapter 6. If we would believe and practice this, there would be no problems, as people or as the world." - Halfway

"How can I get help to pay my city electric bill, oil bill, so and so forth? I need help so I can pay my city taxes and county taxes. My income is too low to pay for everything." - Hagerstown

"I'm calling in response to the caller who said his state taxes were going up every year, and the next he'll know is they'll own my property. Well, honey, they already own our property. They just make us think that we own it, but they own it." - Hagerstown

"Ask Sen. Mikulski how the government paid for the extended unemployment payments. Did they cut spending, that way, and pay for it? That's the way the Republicans wanted to pay for it. Or did they add it to the national debt, already completely out of hand?" - Boonsboro

"You know, I want to truly thank the Democratic Party for passing the extension bill for the workers laid off, for their unemployment. And all that money will go back into the economy, which it might even help the economy. So it's going to save a lot of heartaches for these families who want to feed the kids, so, and all I can say for the Republicans - that's the no, no, no, party - is humbug for them." - Hagerstown

"I'd like to comment on the turning signals at the stoplights. Why are they so short? I sat at Eastern Boulevard waiting to turn for six minutes, and finally when the light did turn, in two seconds it turned back. These turning signal lights are too short." - Hagerstown

"I'm calling in reference to the woman that called in and said that she works and she doesn't think it's right that they're going to screen people that are doing drugs, and a lot of people she said don't do drugs. Well, no one said everyone on welfare does drugs, but they have to screen everyone in order to get the ones that are on drugs." - Hagerstown

"What all you partisan Democrat callers conveniently forgot to mention is that Senate Republicans are perfectly willing to extend unemployment benefits if President Obama and the Democrats would agree to offset the cost by cutting that amount from other programs, thus not adding even more to our monstrous deficit. But the Democrats wouldn't even consider it, apparently thinking it more important to preserve all their stimulus, etc., pork spending, than to help the unemployed they claim to be so concerned about." - Frederick, Md.

"I'm glad there's good news for the unemployed, but I'm sorry that you put the bad news, the cost, on page 2, almost in the last paragraph. Come on, guys, let's be a little fair, and you need to tell some of the truth about Obama's spending habits and his special slush fund for his secret deals, when this could have paid for the unemployment jobless claims." - Hagerstown

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