Fulton, Franklin counties' jobless rates improve

July 27, 2010|By JENNIFER FITCH

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. -- The unemployment rate improved in Franklin and Fulton counties in June, according to the latest statistics from the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry.

In Franklin County, the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate decreased three-tenths of a percentage point in June to 8.6 percent.

In Fulton County, the rate was also down three-tenths of a percentage point. That brought Fulton County's seasonally adjusted unemployment rate to 12.1 percent.

Despite the better rate, Fulton County continued to rank 66th among Pennsylvania's 67 counties for the lowest unemployment rate. Only Cameron County, in the northern part of the state, trailed, with its rate of 15 percent.

Franklin County tied with Sullivan County, also in northern Pennsylvania, for the 21st-lowest unemployment rate in June.

Pennsylvania's seasonally adjusted unemployment rate remained at 9.2 percent, while the national rate decreased two-tenths of a percentage point to 9.5 percent, a labor department news release stated.


Although Franklin County's rate improved, it lost 100 nonfarming jobs in June. The labor department's analysis stated gains in goods-producing jobs were offset by seasonal losses among service-providing employers.

The county lost 1,300 nonfarm jobs compared to June 2009, while jobs statewide were up half a percent, the news release stated.

The discrepancy between rate improvements and job losses concerns seasonal adjustments and the composition of the civilian labor force. Franklin County added approximately 200 people to its labor force from May to June.

The labor department attributed some job losses to staff reductions related to the 2010 census.

Fulton County retained its 4,700 nonfarm jobs from May to June, but lost 600 since June 2009. Its civilian labor force inched upward in the past year.

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