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4-H, FFA

July 23, 2010|By EBONI JAGGERS
  • Kylie Slimmer
Eboni Jaggers, Staff Writer

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Leah Grab

Taking pictures is more than just a hobby for Leah Grab.

Being a member of 4-H allows her the opportunity to do what she loves with people she loves even more.

Grab, 18, of Hagerstown, said several of her photography pieces were featured at this year's Washington County Ag Expo & Fair.

She said she came to the event as a 4-H member and to have fun with friends.

"Some of my friends are here," Grab said. "We're just here to hang out."

This will be her last year in 4-H because she has reached the organization's 18-year-old membership limit.

Grab said she will miss being able to enter her work in the Ag Expo and participating with fundraising projects with the group.

Although Grab no longer will be able to participate in the Ag Expo as a 4-H member, she said her sister still is eligible to compete in activities and they each have plans to return next year.


Brandy Campbell

Brandy Campbell sees the Washington County Ag Expo & Fair as a miniature version of a high school reunion.

A recent graduate of Boonsboro High School, Brandy said she came to Ag Expo to visit high school friends also attending the event and to see the animals.

Brandy, 17, of Sandy Hook, said she was the secretary of her school's FFA chapter.

She said coming to events such as Ag Expo reminds her of the activities she participated in while active in the group.

As an FFA member, she said, the organization would go to local elementary schools and teach children about agriculture.

The Ag Expo & Fair is especially beneficial to this age group, she said.

"It helps them (learn about) agriculture and how farm animals help give us food," Brandy said.

Kiley Slimmer

The Washington County Ag Expo & Fair is as much rewarding as it is tiring for Kiley Slimmer.

Kiley, 14, said she has gotten up at 5 a.m. every day this week to wash and feed her prize-winning animals.

In addition to getting up early, Kiley said she often was up participating with the tractor pulling event until 11 p.m.

"I've been going on a lack of sleep," she said.

Despite the early mornings, Kiley said the experience is worth it.

"I really like animals," she said. "I think it's fun to raise them and show them and everything. I've had a show almost every day."

Kiley said this year, she has received a first place win with all of her steers and heifers.

"I'll probably show until I'm 18, which is the limit," she said.

Amanda Nave

Amanda Nave came to the Washington County Ag Expo & Fair to see the animals.

"I like the goats and cows," she said.

Amanda, 5, of Williamsport, said the most exciting thing about the fair is seeing the little baby goats.

She attended the fair with her aunt and uncle, Barbara and Harry Knode of Williamsport.

"She just loves nature and the animals," Barbara Knode said. "We wanted to show her what's out here."

The couple said they enjoy helping out working parents such as Amanda's by taking their children out to events like Ag Expo.

"It's just something different to do," Harry Knode said.

Jamie Weaver

For Jamie Weaver, the Washington County Ag Expo & Fair is more than just an event. It's a time to enjoy nature with family.

She said she wanted to bring her two children to the event to see the farm animals.

Her daughter, Janelle, 3, said she was "dying to pet something" while at the event.

Thursday was her family's first time attending the fair.

She said she would really like to attend the event again next year, this time at the beginning to catch every event the Ag Expo has to offer.

An event that she was particularly excited to see was the cow milking demonstration.

"I'm really looking forward to the milking demonstration," said Weaver, of Hagerstown. "It will show (Janelle) how she gets her milk."

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