Ag Expo farm, garden and home exhibit winners

July 22, 2010

Winners of the Open Class Home, Farm and Garden Exhibits at the 2010 Washington County Ag Expo:

Field Products

Grand Champion - Jesse Britt

Champion Corn - Seth Garnand

Champion Hay - Michael Forsythe

Champion Straw - Donald Smith

Champion Honey - Jesse Britt

Fresh Fruit

Grand Champion - John Martin

Garden Products

Grand Champion - Christine Forsythe

Champion Fresh Vegetables - Christine Forsythe

Champion Garden Display - Christine Forsythe


Champion Nuts - Richard Helfrich


Grand Champion - Carol Kreykenbahm-barnhart

Champion Cut Flowers - Carol Kreykenbahm-barnhart

Champion Potted Plants - John Martin

Champion Arrangement - Joanna Calimer

Champion Herbs - Jeanette Leadingham

Food Preservation

Grand Champion - Janet Rohrer

Champion Canned Fruits - Janet Rohrer

Champion Canned Vegetables Janet Rohrer

Champion Soft Spreads - Janet Rohrer

Champion Pickles, Relishes & Salsas - Cheryl Smith

Champion Dried & Miscellaneous Foods - - Cheryl Smith


Grand Champion - Judy Williamson

Champion Sewing For Adults - Judy Williamson

Champion Sewing For Children - Judy Williamson

Champion Sewing Home Furnishings - Judy Williamson

Baked Goods & Candies

Grand Champion - Danielle Hill

Champion Quick Breads (Adult) - Pam Decker

Champion Quick Breads- Youth Teri Keller

Champion Yeast Breads (Adult) - Sarah Baker

Champion Yeast Breads (Youth) - Danielle Hill

Champion Cakes (Adult) - Carolyn Etzler

Champion Cakes (Youth) - Danielle Hill

Champion Pies - Janet Rohrer

Champion Candies (Adult) - Doris Sweeny

Champion Candies (Youth) - Joshua Pasch

Champion Cookies (Adult) - Barbara Diefenderfer

Champion Cookies (Youth) - Josha Pasch


Grand Champion - Kimberly Artz

Champion Crocheting - Barbara King

Champion Knitting - Kimberly Artz

Champion Quilting - Barbara Diefenderfer

Champion Counted Cross Stitch Stephanie Bussard

Champion Other Stitchery - Betty Jacobs


Grand Champion - Terry Edwards

Champion Hand Weaving - Barbara Diefenderfer

Champion Bobbin Lace - Terry Edwards


Grand Champion - Dennis Powell

Champion Art (Professional) - Charles Marvil

Champion Art (Amateur) - Dennis Powell

Champion Art (Youth 9-13) - Rachel Birky

Champion Art (Youth 14-18) - Jonathan Birky


Grand Champion - Richard Helfrich

Champion Crafts (Adult) - Richard Helfrich

Champion Crafts (Youth) - Greg Fiola


Grand Champion - Richard Helfrich

Champion Woodworking (Adult) - Richard Helfrich

Champion Woodworking (Youth) - James Birky


Grand Champion - Lori Bellerive

Champion Black & White (Adult) - Beth Nichols

Champion Black & White (Youth) - Sara Martens

Champion Color (Adult) - Lori Bellerive

Champion Color (Youth) - Deanna Molnar

Adults With Special Needs

Grand Champion - Gloria Whetzel

Champion Needlework - Gloria Whetzel

Champion Art, Photography, & Crafts - Gloria Whetzel

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