Waynesboro residents can apply to fill school board seat

July 21, 2010|By JENNIFER FITCH

WAYNESBORO, Pa. -- Waynesboro borough residents can apply to serve on the Waynesboro Area School Board to fill a vacancy created by the resignation of Brenda Lucas last week.

Applications, which can be found at, are due to the school district office by Thursday, July 29. Interviews are scheduled for the evenings of Aug. 3 and 4.

Lucas, who was elected last November, cited work commitments when resigning last week. Because Waynesboro's school board members represent regions, her replacement must also be a resident of the borough.

"Upon the date of the resignation, you have 30 days to fill the position," said Edward Wilson, school board president.

All the current school board members will be invited to participate in the interviews, Wilson said. They'll ask a set of standard questions, plus some additional ones they develop on their own, he said.


"We have to ask everybody the same questions," Wilson said.

The board will vote on appointing someone at the first regularly scheduled public meeting after interviews, according to Wilson.

The interviews will be open to the public as well, he said.

Wilson said the questions could be difficult for someone not familiar with some of the issues or a school board member's role. However, he said the board will use the answers to try to gauge applicants' willingness to learn.

"You have to kind of feel for the best candidate who can think for themselves," he said.

Applicants must be at least 18 years old, and they are required to have lived in the district for at least one year.

Board members are not financially compensated for their positions.

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