Washington County Ag Expo results

July 20, 2010

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Results of the 2010 Washington County Ag Expo and Fair:

Ag Expo and Fair 4-H Indoor Champions

Junior Arts, Crafts and Hobbies

Painting -- Caleb Froelich

Drawing -- Skyla Heise

Arrangements Handmade Flowers -- Elizabeth Rohr

Ceramics -- Abigail McDougal

Craft Kit -- Elizabeth Rohr

Paper Craft -- William Schupp


Woodworking -- Caleb McDougal

Wall Hanging -- Ococee Chapelle

Metal Craft -- Skyla Heise

Recyclable Craft -- Abigail McDougal

Tie Dye Article -- Ococee Chapelle

Holiday Craft -- Rachel Sands

String Art/Macrame/Weaving -- Caleb McDougal

Nature Craft -- Ococee Chapelle

Fabric Painting -- Elizabeth Rohr

Stencling -- Ococee Chapelle

Collections -- Jacob Miller

Hobby -- Elizabeth Rohr

Scrapbook/Memory Book -- Elizabeth Rohr

Jewelry Making -- Dan Selders

Needlework -- Dan Selders

Self Determined -- Andrew Miller

Overall Grand Champion Junior-- Abigail McDougal

Intermediate Arts, Crafts and Hobbies

Painting -- Catie Sprankle

Drawing -- Kiley Slimmer

Arrangement Handmade Flowers -- Janai Heise

Ceramics -- Sara Lynn

Craft Kit -- Chloe Bellerive

Paper Craft -- Sarah Scrivner

Woodworking -- Chloe Bellerive

Decoupage -- Chandler Bellerive

Wall Hanging -- Chloe Bellerive

Recyclable Craft -- Chandler Fishack

Tie Dye Article -- Logan Unger

Holiday Craft -- Kristen Shives

String Art/Macrame/Weaving -- Valerie Mason

Nature Craft -- Catie Sprankle

Fabric Painting -- Catie Sprankle

Stencling -- Logan Unger

Stamp Art -- Logan Unger

Collections --Chloe Bellerive

Hobby -- Joseph Cartwright

Scrabook/Memory Book -- Hollis Gigeous

Jewelry Making -- Sophia Bartell

Needlework -- Rose Froelich

Self Determined -- Logan Unger

Overall Grand Champion Junior -- Chloe Bellerive

Senior Arts, Crafts and Hobbies

Painting -- Caly Bird

Drawing -- Brittany Morris

Ceramics -- Brooke Riley

Woodworking -- Jon Lowery

Wall Hanging -- Julia Eckstine

Metal Craft -- Skyla Heise

Recyclable Craft -- Laikyn Cook

Tie Dye Article -- Hannah House

Nature Craft -- Laikyn Cook

Fabric Painting -- Breanna Jones

Collections -- Devyn Bellerive

Hobby -- Amanda Ward

Scrapbook/Memory Book -- Julia Eckstine

Jewelry Making -- Macayla Wiles

Self Determined -- Abigail Roberts

Overall Grand Champion Junior -- Carly Bird

Grand Champion Animal Science/Wildlife -- Lilli Sutton


Huacaya Cri Fleece -- Abigail Roberts

Huacaya Fleece One Year and Older -- Abigail Roberts

Grand Champion Alpaca -- Abigail Roberts


Box Cake -- Kayla Pryor

Pound Cake -- Breanna Jones

Applesauce Cake -- Rachel Sands

Carrot Cake -- Erin Canfield

Angel Food Cake -- Kaitlyn Corbet

Made With Cake Mix -- Sara Lynn

Grand Champion -- Sara Lynn

Reserve Grand Champion -- Kayla Pryor


Bar -- Ashley Davis

Brownies -- Sara Lynn

Chocolate Chip -- Abigail Cartwright

Drop -- Abigail Roberts

No-Bake -- Caleb McDougal

Peanut Butter -- Tatian Smith

Pressed -- Rachel House

Rolled -- Rachel House

Grand Champion -- Sara Lynn

Reserve Grand Champion -- Ashley Davis


Grand Champion Bread -- Abigail Roberts

Reserve Grand Champion Bread -- Sara Lynn

Champion Quick Bread -- Abigail Roberts

Champion Muffin -- Amanda Ward


Grand Champion Candy -- Ashley Davis

Reserve Grand Champion Candy -- Rachel House

Champion Chocolate Fudge -- Sara Lynn

Champion Peanut Butter Fudge -- Kiley Slimmer

Champion Other Fudge -- Abigail Roberts

Champion Potato Candy -- Leanna Young

Champion Nut Brittle -- Rachel House

Grand Champion Pie -- Abigail Roberts

Reserve Champion Pie -- Macayla Wiles

Champion Apple Pie -- Hannah House

Food Preservation

Salsa -- Adrienne Eckstine

Jam -- Sara Lynn

Grand Champion -- Adrienne Eckstine

Junior Clothing

Junior Sewn Craft Item -- Dan Selders

Junior Grand Champion -- Dan Selders

Intermediate Clothing

Scarf -- Janai Heise

Apron -- Skyla Heise

Dress -- Morgan Angle

Costume -- Brianne Selders

Clothing Changed --Brianne Selders

Sewn Craft Item -- Brianne Selders

Pillow -- Janai Heise

Grand Champion -- Skyla Heise

Senior Clothing

Scarf -- Erin Canfield

Baby Item -- Erin Canfield

Quilt -- Taylor Gigeous

Blankets -- McHaley Williams

Grand Champion -- Taylor Gigeous


Junior Champion -- Janai Heise

Senior Champion -- Hannah Heise

Indoor Gardening

House Plants Flowering -- Joseph Rohr

Arrangements Silk -- Morgan Thompson

Arrangements Fresh Flowers -- Sara Lynn

Dried/Silk Flowers -- Erin Canfield

Grand Champion -- Morgan Thompson

Vegetable Gardening

Beans -- Joseph Rohr

Beets -- Rachel House

Cucumbers -- Valerie Mason

Yellow Onions -- Tracey Forsythe

Peppers -- Tracey Forsythe

Potatoes -- Mark Johnson

Squash -- Sophia Bartell

Green Tomatoes -- Abigail McDougal

Mint -- Elizabeth Rohr

Vegetable Garden Display -- Tracey Forsythe

Egg Plant -- Sophia Bartell

Hay -- Adrienne Eckstine

Grand Champion -- Sophia Bartell

Club Books

Grand Champion -- Wahington County 4-H Dairy Goat Club

4-H/FFA Dairy Goat Show


Junior Showmanship Campion - Caleb Froelich

Intermediate Showmanship Champion - Rose Froelich

Senior Showmanship Champion - Carly Bird

Showmanship Grand Champion - Carly Bird

Alpine Show

Grand Champion -Lindsey Beckley

Reserve Champion - Lindsey Beckley

Nubian Show

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