Letters to the Editor

July 19, 2010

Reader's call for calling cards goes unheeded

To the editor:

I recently had an entry in the Around Clear Spring column about donating calling cards for our local soldiers serving overseas.

My son is one of these soldiers. He had his calling card when he left here. He asked me to try and get the community to donate cards for the soldiers who don't have them.

A two-hour card costs $10. Being able to call home and talk to a loved one helps their morale. A call twice a month helps them and also their loved ones.


It has been several weeks since this was in the paper, and I haven't received one call or donation. I'm really disappointed in this county. These soldiers had the guts to volunteer to fight for their country, and the ones they are fighting for don't care.

How would you like it if the war was in our country? Or in our area? Without our volunteer enlistees, this could happen.

How many people ages 25 to 45 never even gave enlisting in the military a thought when they got out of high school or college? You've got your safe, cushy job, good pay and a good home life. These local soldiers are fighting in 115-degree temperatures during the coolest part of their day and also deal with sand fleas.

Thanks for helping them stay in touch with their loved ones.

Mary Kline
Clear Spring

It's too hot to leave dogs out in the sun

To the editor:

The temperatures are hotter this year than I can ever remember and I see many dogs standing in the scorching sun without water and the only shade they have is the little bit they get from their doghouses.

If you know of someone who has a dog outdoors, please try to encourage him or her to bring the dog inside or somewhere cool, at least during the hottest parts of the day. Or if you are someone who has a dog outside, there are other alternatives. At the very least, you can use a tarp for shade and make sure the dog has fresh water at all times. You can set a bucket inside an old tire to keep it from spilling.

There is a bill being introduced this year in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives that will limit the amount of time you can tie your dog outside. We are circulating a petition to help pass this bill. If you would like to sign this petition, you can contact me or go online to sign at In addition, you can contact your local state representative and ask them to sponsor this bill and to support legislation that would impose harsher penalties on the people who abuse animals.

Maybe this winter we won't have to drive by these lonely dogs and see them shivering in the freezing cold.

Roberta "Bobbie" McIntrye
Greencastle, Pa.

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