Mail Call

July 18, 2010

"Hats off and well done to the Maugansville 11-12 Little League All-Star Hornet team. They won all their traveling Hornet games, then two games in Maryland District 1's Little League. What do you think about that? Well done."

- Maugansville

"I'm calling, I'm wondering who had the ... idea to plant all those trees on the Hagerstown side streets. It's bad enough when you pull up to a stop sign and you can't see, for trucks parked in the way and everything else - now you plant trees there. You can't see through the trees, plus when the trees go, they're gonna break up everyone's sidewalk. Who's gonna pay for fixing everybody's sidewalk? ... It just does not make sense."

- Hagerstown

"As a new resident, I am overwhelmed by what it takes to get your cars retitled in the state of West Virginia and to get a new license. I thought the red tape in Maryland was bad - West Virginia is unbelievable."


- Martinsburg, W.Va.

"I want to compliment Antietam on their beautiful fireworks display. Thank you so much for the symphony and celebration every year. It's my favorite holiday."

- Sharpsburg

"After a lot of deliberation, I've arrived at the conclusion that the original Three Stooges, Curly, Larry and Moe, were a whole lot more intelligent than the present Three Stooges, Barack, Nancy and Harry."

- Hagerstown

"Do you people realize it took Franklin Roosevelt three terms as president to clean up the mess that Herbert Hoover and the Republicans made in 1929?"

- Washington County

"I'm calling to see if there's anyone that's inundated with the June bugs. Friday night, on Saturday after the rain, our yard is just full of June bugs, and now - you used to never see a June bug, but now we got millions of them out here in my yard."

- Clear Spring area

"To prevent seniors from telephone scams, here is what I suggest. Tell the caller you do not do any business over the telephone. If they are sincere and you really want to give, ask them to send the information through the mail. Most will do this."

- Hagerstown

"It's July 12. I just got done reading a letter to the editor, a letter from Rodney Pearson Sr. from Keedysville. It is one of the best letters I have ever read as far as explaining what is going on with our presidency and the administration - well, the presidency. The man hits it right on the head. If there's any way possible that this letter can be forwarded - what great insight. Fine letter, wonderful insight, Mr. Pearson. Kudos."

- Hagerstown

"I just had a short comment there for the lady that had the piece in here on Monday, July 5, concerning the Republicans have killed the jobless and extension bill. Hurray, I applaud them on both sides of the aisle, whoever voted against it. It's time to put a halt to this thing where they keep extending and extending unemployment claims for people. I know about three people that have. ... So I applaud them, and I hope the lady takes a chance to rethink what she said in Mail Call about it."

- Leitersburg

"I live off Salem Avenue, and it's nice that they're doing the street, but I know for the last three or four days I don't think anybody's been working on Salem Avenue. It's inconvenience for the people who live in that area. It's - I have to detour, all kinds of detours to get to my house, and then to go somewhere, I have to do all these detours. It'd be nice if they'd ... work on that street."

- Hagerstown

"To the person that called about John McCain running over to Iraq, talking: Well, for this person, I'm surprised you didn't know that John McCain was the one that urged President Bush to initiate the surge which saved thousands of lives of our military men in Iraq, not to count the civilians there. So I think he went over to do a little bit more than talking. Now I wish ... because this man at least loves this country. He would protect us, and he knew a lot about the military."

- Waynesboro, Pa.

"Oh, I long for the good old days: Four dollars a gallon for gas, a little-known company called Halliburton, which is now a Fortune 500 company thanks to Mr. Cheney; when Karl Rove was up to his antics, and all the Republicans were getting their pictures taken with numbers across their chests. Oh, I long for the good old days."

- Hagerstown

"I would love to see The Herald-Mail to interview the County Commissioner candidates in this year's election and find out where they stand on illegal immigration and the possible use of the E-Verify system for county contracts."

- Cavetown

"The Herald-Mail sports department has done it again. Another season of district Little League games are about to be finished, and the coverage has been fantastic. Excellent pictures and detailed game articles make it a pleasure to open the sports page. State tournaments open this weekend at South Mountain and West End fields, with two local teams playing. I am sure the excellent coverage will continue. Sports writers, vote yourself a MVP award."

- Halfway

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