Letters to the Editor

July 17, 2010

Vandalism has become problem at church

To the editor:

I am a member and trustee of Calvary Grace Brethren Church at the corner of West Franklin Street and Bryan Place. We recently completed a parking area on top of the hill behind our church. Lately, however, we've encountered a problem.

Kids have been taking rocks and throwing them into the lower parking lot. They have already broken the rear window of a member's SUV and punched several holes in the door of a garage on church property. Several stones were found laying against the rear wall of the church, indicating they might have been aiming at the windows.

The obvious solution would be to blacktop the area. Unfortunately, we do not have the money at the present time to do this. The church council has considered posting "No Trespassing" signs and placing a chain across the entrance, but realistically, that most likely would accomplish nothing.


So I'm asking those in the neighborhood, especially on Wakefield Road, to call the local authorities if they see kids throwing rocks. Maybe if the police would catch these kids in the act, they could take appropriate action.

It's unfortunate that these kids have nothing better to do with their free time than vandalize private property, but for whatever reason, they don't.

Michael L. Karn

Time is right for a constitutional convention

To the editor:

This November's election is an important one, and if you are a tea party member like me, you are probably wondering what lies beyond. Remember that Republicans proved to be no panacea.

I think the goal should be a constitutional convention. If called for by two-thirds of states, a convention would allow for the Constitution to be amended.

That means that not only should you be voting, but getting others to vote. We should all be looking at recapturing state houses so that a convention can be called.

Some things I'd like to see besides term limits for senators are a four-fifths majority of both houses of Congress in order to pass any tax or spending increase, but only a three-fifths majority to repeal any program; neutering of the Supreme Court, which has left checks and balances behind; and separation of church and state, why that's right there. Here, let me get my judge's pen and eraser out and show you.

Remember, we all have to work hard for a conservative majority come November. It is not the answer, but at least it will set the stage for real change - a constitutional convention of the people.

James Parsons
Carlisle, Pa.

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