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Porcupine found roaming in Hagerstown's West End

July 17, 2010
  • This porcupine was photographed on Florida Avenue in Hagerstown's West End.
Photo courtesy of John Williams,

A Hagerstown Police officer thought the car was abandoned and adrift as it sat wildly in front of the old Stationery House building on Florida Avenue in the city's West End.

Abandoned it was because the occupants jumped out to verify the critter that crossed in their path in the late night hours.

First thinking it was a record-sized skunk, further inspection revealed a "slow" moving porcupine.

Because the car's passengers were on their way to photograph some night shots of the new redesigned Jonathan Street, they had cameras on hand. Cornering the creature with flashlights on the lawn of the former Stationery House lawn definitely drew the attention of the officer who told the group that the animal is common to the area.

This was the group's first sighting and they will have a memory of the event that fortunately didn't "stick to them."

- John Williams

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