Scenes from the 2010 Ag Expo & Fair

July 17, 2010
  • McHaley Williams of Maugansville was crowned Ag Expo Queen on Friday at the Washington County Agricultural Education Center.
Colleen McGrath, Staff Photographer

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Morgan Householder, Williamsport

Morgan Householder is barely 4 feet tall, but she knows what she likes.

Friday marked the first day of a Washington County tradition, the Ag Expo and Fair, a time of year that always excites Morgan, 9, of Williamsport.

Her babysitter, Vicki Siler, said she took a day off from work specifically to bring Morgan and her sister Mackenzie, 5, to the event.

She said the sisters were very excited about Friday evening's bull ride.

Morgan and Mackenzie said their cousin, Adam Griffin, was participating in this year's event, and they came out to support his cow trading business.

While at the event, the girls also enjoyed watching participants get their cows set up for the week.

"I get to see a lot of fun people and wash cows with my cousin," Morgan said.

-- Eboni Jaggers

Carly Shaw, Fairplay

She has five cows, but Genna is her favorite.


Carly Shaw, 13, hopes the calm, mild-mannered cow brings her luck at this year's Ag Expo and Fair.

"She's really calm and walks really good for me," Carly, of Fairplay, said Friday. "I think she has a really good chance (of placing in the showcase.) Hopefully, she's cooperative that day."

Carly said her parents, Robbie and Michelle Shaw, have been an important part of helping her care for her cows and her newest addition --goats.

"Dad's lived on a farm his whole life, so he helps me a lot. Both of my parents do," she said.

This year marks Carly's sixth appearance at Ag Expo.

-- Eboni Jaggers

Tracey Forsythe, Hagerstown

Tracey Forsythe, 19, of Hagerstown sat eating a sandwich Friday while watching her three cows. She said she has four more yet to arrive at this year's Ag Expo and Fair.

Forsythe said her family owns a dairy farm, which is how she got into cows. She said she joined the 4-H club when she was 8 years old.

Forsythe said she enjoys the expo and seeing friends.

Last year, Forsythe won the award for Grand Champion Jersey, a feat she hopes to repeat this year.

Although she is not sure if she wants to live on a farm, she said she does want to continue showing cows.

"I love animals," Forsythe said.

-- Lucia Tayo

Brenda Leggett, Boonsboro

A 12-year tradition will come to an end after this year's Ag Expo and Fair for Brenda Leggett of Boonsboro.

Leggett said all of her boys are grown, so she has been bringing her daughter-in-law's sister to the expo. But since the girl will be too old to compete next year, this expo will be her last one.

Leggett said she enjoys the expo because she gets to see kids show off animals that they worked hard raising all year. She said she also enjoys seeing familiar faces.

"It's a social event for the families in the 4-H. You get to see people that you don't have a chance to see during the year," she said.

This year, Leggett said she is anticipating seeing her 7-month-old granddaughter in the cutest baby contest.

She said if her granddaughter decides to join 4-H in the future, she would stand beside her.

-- Lucia Tayo

Jessica Knepper, Hagerstown

Three years ago, Jessica Knepper of Hagerstown started attending the Ag Expo and Fair because of her son, Eli. Now, she has another addition to the family, Rebecca, and feels the expo is a great place for her children.

"It's an educational thing to bring the kids to," she said. "They learn a lot about animals, what they do, how to take care of them and how to run a farm."

While Knepper talked, 1-year-old Rebecca spent her time playing in corn kernels. Eli, 3, impressed his mother by showing her the different vegetables he could name.

Knepper said she found out about the expo through her in-laws, and she plans to take her kids to the event as long as they allow her to do so.

She said her son really enjoys the tractor pull.

-- Lucia Tayo

Katie Long, Williamsport

Years after joining 4-H, Katie Long is still an active part of Washington County's Ag Expo and Fair.

As a child, Long, of Williamsport, showed cows as part of her membership in the 4-H organization.

Now, she returns to give back to the place that started it all.

Long, 28, helps to administer the Ag-Ventures tent.

"This area prepares activities for kids to participate in and learn about agriculture in our county and in our state," she said.

Next week, she said, Ag-Ventures will feature baby animals for visiting children to see, including calves, miniature horses, goats, ducks, pigs and piglets.

Long said Ag Expo exposes children to an entirely different aspect of learning.

"It was great experience having animals at a young age," she said. "It teaches you a lot about responsibility."

She said she even had the opportunity to meet her husband while showing cows at the event.

"We showed cows together," Long said. "Now, we're married with two kids. So 4-H is awesome."

-- Eboni Jaggers

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