Concession stand dropped from Antrim park plans

July 14, 2010|By DANA BROWN

GREENCASTLE, Pa. -- The Antrim Township Supervisors voted Tuesday night to drop a concession stand from the Antrim Township Community Park plans.

Brad Graham, Antrim Township administrator, strongly urged the supervisors to move toward completing the project before they opened discussion Tuesday night on rebidding the concession stand project for a second time.

Graham told the board that usually he did not make such strong statements, telling the supervisors: "I think it's important for your sake that this project needs to be completed."

He told the board the deadline for using matching grant money of up to $225,000 from the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources is December 2011. If the board approved rebidding the concession stand project yet again, the project would have to go back to the DCNR for review, which could mean delays.


Supervisor Fred Young asked if the grant fund money could possibly be pulled sooner because the board has taken to so long to reach a consensus and was now considering putting the project out to bid again.

"Enough's enough," Young said. "We already did this once."

The cost of the building has been the sticking point for board members.

"Basically, I don't want to spend $150,000 on a concession stand," Supervisor James Byers said.

Young pointed out that re-bidding the project would also cost money to do.

"I don't want to spend the money to waste everybody's time," Young said.

Board Chairman Rick Baer told the board that if they did not use the DCNR grant money then it was possible that money would be spent elsewhere in the state.

"If we can use it to benefit the community, we need to use it here," Baer said.

Graham suggested that the supervisors consider modifying the original project design to cut down on the cost of the facility adding they "could still have a perfectly functional building."

The board considered several alternatives before supervisor Curtis Myers abruptly made a motion to halt movement on the project all together.

"I make a motion we drop it, don't re-bid it and we have no concession stand," Myers said.

All board members, with the exception of Baer, voted for the motion.

Graham said he was not surprised by the sudden decision.

Graham said it is a possibility the township will not be able to "maximize the use of that grant" because they have eliminated what the DCNR refers to as a "comfort facility" in striking the concession stand plan.

In addition, Graham said the decision to not build the concession stand at the park could also have an economic impact.

Graham said organizers of large softball tournaments have expressed interest in coming to the park because "people really liked the facilities, including the concession stand."

Graham said that although as it stands now the concession stand will not happen, it can remain "something we can do at another point."

In other business Tuesday night, the board approved spending $13,690 on several Tot Lot equipment items that they will purchase through the COSTARS program.

Several play equipment pieces will be purchased including eight swings, two of which will be handicapped accessible,

The supervisors also approved a two-week burning ban within the township to be put into effect Wednesday.

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