DeBaugh Farms excels at Holstein Day

July 13, 2010|By JOANNA CALIMER / Special to The Herald-Mail
  • Winners for the showmanship classes were, from left, Kaitlyn Corbett, senior and overall winner; Erin Corbett, intermediate winner; and Sydney Davis, junior winner.
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The Washington County Holstein Association held its annual field day July 3 at Washington County Agricultural Education Center. Judge for the event was Aaron Horst.

Winning Premier Breeder and Premier Exhibitor was DeBaugh Farms of Boonsboro. Exhibited by Cory DeBaugh, Windsor-Manor Durham Karole, a 4-year-old, won 4-H/FFA Grand Champion and Open Class Grand Champion. Carly Shaw showed the 4-H/FFA Reserve Grand Champion, Ms-MD-Brookside Gins Goober, a senior 2-year-old. Open Class Reserve Grand Champion was Palmyra Pontiac Gemara, a senior 2-year old from Palmyra Farm.

Winners for the Showmanship classes were: Junior: (1) Sydney Davis, (2) Ashley Davis; Intermediate: (1) Erin Corbett,(2) Carol DeBaugh, (3) Cory DeBaugh; Senior: (1) Kaitlyn Corbett (2) Tracey Forsythe, (3) Erin Canfield; Overall Winner: Kaitlyn Corbett.

Class results were as follows, with 4-H noted in parentheses:

Spring Heifer Calf: 1. (1) MD-Heavensent Abso Magnific, Macayla Wiles; 2. (2) MD-Maple Lawn Lulu, Noah Iager; 3. (3) DeBaugh Talent Apple-Red, Carol DeBaugh.


Winter Heifer Calf: 1. Palmyra Sanchez Sassy, Palmyra Farm; 2. DeBaugh Cosmo Creed, DeBaugh Farms; 3. Palmyra Alexander Bliss, Palmyra Farm; (1) Linden-Hall Suede Charm, Tracey Forsythe.

Fall Heifer Calf: 1. Co-Vale Goldwyn Jumpy, Weddle & Shank; 2. Spots-Pride A Gemini, Amy Yeiser; 3. (1) DeBaugh S Storm Crispy, Carol DeBaugh; (2) MD-Heavensent Mighty Nice, Gene Wiles; (3) DeBaugh Powerhouse Grover, Scott DeBaugh.

Summer Yearling Heifer: 1.Ms C-Haven BF Echo-ET, Weddle & Shank; 2. (1) DeBaugh Advent Lola, Scott DeBaugh.

Spring Yearling: 1.(1) Reich-Dale Laramie Belay, Kaitlyn Corbett; 2. Savage-Leigh Lucillee-ET, Kenlin Martin; 3.(2) Cranberry-Mdws Aboo Kaye, Erin Corbett; (3) Lonely Willow Inde Wynetta, Sydney Davis.

Winter Yearling: 1.(1) MD-Heavensent Claire-Red, Tessa Wiles; 2.(2) Windsor-Manor SMR Radar, Cory DeBaugh; 3.Lonely Willow Lou Lillyb-TW, Samuel Winters, Jr.; (3) MD-Maple Lawn Aspen 2673, Kaitlyn Corbett.

Fall Yearling: 1. (1) MD-Heavensent Bootie-Red, Gene Wiles; 2.(2) Linden-Hall Moscow Blaze, Tracey Forsythe.

4-H/FFA & Open Class Junior Champion: MD-Heavensent Bootie-Red, Gene Wiles.

4-H/FFA & Open Class Reserve Junior Champion: Reich-Dale Laramie Belay, Kaitlyn Corbett.

Jr. Best Three Females: 1. Heavensent Holsteins

Dry Cow: 1.(1) Two-Top Advantage Anokia, Tracey Forsythe

Jr. 2 Yr. Old Cow: 1.Lonely-Willow Le-O Caroline, Staci Snyder.

Sr. 2 Yr. Old Cow: 1.Palmyra Pontiac Gemara, Palmyra Farm; 2. Palmyra Fortune Dena, Palmyra Farm; 3.(1) Ms-MD-Brookside Gins Goober, Carly Shaw; (2) MD-Heavensent Redman Jodeen, Gene Wiles; (3) DeBaugh Decker Clacker, Erin Canfield.

Jr. 3 Yr. Old Cow: 1.DeBaugh Expansion Myth, DeBaugh Farms; 2.(1) MD-Heavensent Kite Macayla, Macayla Wiles.

Sr.. 3 Yr. Old Cow: 1.(1) DeBaugh Zenith Mirage-ET, Scott DeBaugh, 2. (2) MD-Heavensent LM Cathy, Gene Wiles

Four Yr. Old Cow: 1. (1) Windsor-Manor Durham Karole, Cory DeBaugh

Five Yr. Old Cow: 1. Spots-Pride Pronto Galaxy, Emily Yeiser; 2. Leggetts Norman Retro, Erin & Kaitlyn Corbett.

Best 3 Females Any Age: 1. DeBaugh Farms; 2. (1) Tracey Forsythe

Dam and Daughter: 1. Yeiser 2. (1) Tracey Forsythe

Produce of Dam: 1.(1) Tracey Forsythe

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