Mail Call

July 11, 2010

"This is a heads-up for all of Maryland's public employees. Who are you going to vote for, O'Malley or Ehrlich? I was a public employee under both of them, and neither one of them cared much for the public employees, except for the state police. Now, correctional officers, get together with your union reps, get something together in writing, and approach O'Malley's office and approach Ehrlich. ... I have a feeling it doesn't matter who's going to be in government. The public employees are going to be the losers." - Hagerstown

"To the caller who says Rush Limbaugh is crazy: Well, I would like to be as crazy as he is, because he has the most listened-to radio station in history. And anything Mr. Limbaugh says, he says he can back up and prove. So far he hasn't been sued for libel. Furthermore, he works for Fox News, and Fox News is fair and balanced, like they say. They tell the truth, and they say if they say anything that isn't, please remind them." - Waynesboro, Pa.


"I'd like to comment on property taxes. I live in the City of Hagerstown, and I get property tax through the city. I live in Washington County, which I get taxed through Washington County. I get taxed through the state of Maryland because I live in Maryland. So the city taxpayer is paying three times tax, county people are paying two - county and state. I think the county and city need to get together and form one taxation for everybody because we all live in Washington County." - Hagerstown

"You know, somebody, especially President Obama's, has to draw the purse strings on this here, this guy that is going over in Iraq and talking about everything and he's acting like he's a general ... John McCain, he lost the election, and he's running around like he is the president, telling them what to do or trying to tell them what to do, or filling his version in there. Or he's making statements, which he has no business in doing." - Hagerstown

"This is for consumers that still use one of the old-time 35-millimeter cameras. I understand ... a lot of these places aren't going to be doing your film anymore, so where are you supposed to get your film developed? Not everybody can afford a digital camera and a computer, and all this stuff. We're not all rich, you know. You need to call these people and tell them to keep this going with the film development. It's not fair to us." - Hancock

"I was reading this morning's paper and I agree with the person saying that the Redcoats were true-blue Americans, like Democrats. That's true. They tax, tax and tax. That's what caused the Revolutionary War - overtaxation. So you had to get rid of the Redcoats and now you have to get rid of President Obama and his group." - Hagerstown

"About guns: 'But now whoever has a purse or bag, must take it and whoever does not have a sword must sell his cloak and buy one.' - Jesus Christ, Luke 22:36. 'When a strong man, fully armed, guards his house, his possessions are safe.' - Jesus Christ (Luke 11:21). 'The thing that separates the American Christian from every other person on earth is the fact that he would rather die on his feet than lie on his knees.' - George Washington." - Hagerstown

"I was in the Waynesboro hospital emergency room the other day and a Mexican couple with a little boy came in. The lady didn't speak a word of English and the man barely spoke any. The reception girl couldn't understand what they wanted and actually had to call another person up front to try and figure out what they wanted. ... They finally used 'sign' language to be understood by grabbing their stomach and shaking their head. ... See why we need to be more like Arizona and make legal immigrants learn to speak and read English?" - Hagerstown

"Everybody's complaining about the heat, 100-degree heat, but don't they realize that our boys and girls over in Afghanistan are fighting in temperatures of 125, (1)35, (1)45 ... they're over there fighting for our freedom here in the U.S. And what freedom are they fighting for? President Obama is turning our country into a socialist country and selling us out to the Chinese. So why are the boys and girls fighting?" - Falling Waters, W.Va.

"I would just like to congratulate the Fourth of July committee ... for a fantastic job on the fifth annual Independence Jam in Clear Spring. Again, it was a huge success. Kids' games, free ice cream and bands. It was the biggest picnic that I've ever attended. Job well done." - Clear Spring

"This is to all the editors at The Herald-Mail. Are you guys blind or are you just die-hard of money? I read an article on Leonard Pitts today, he's talking about a no-fly list, and Limbaugh, he's talking, as usual, Obama - Obama this, Obama that. He's supposed to be a journalist and author. This is all he ever writes about. Do you have to carry this buffoon? Are you in that dire need of money you have to carry somebody like this, that hates?" - Hagerstown

"I had to chuckle when I read the self-proclaimed Tea Partier criticizing Tim Rowland's reaction to Del. Bartlett's sharing of or paying the rent for a lady friend. I can't speak for Mr. Rowland, but I myself am no prude. Mr. Bartlett can live his life any way he chooses. Just don't preach to others on how they should live their lives, and don't ask the taxpayers to pay the tab. ... Perhaps that is what Mr. Rowland meant." - Boonsboro

"I'd like to make a comment in regards to a story about a police officer in Montgomery County who has served for 55 years. Now, this is the first time I've ever heard of this, and it's the longest time that anyone has served in a Maryland agency, or in the history of a Maryland agency, so it's pretty remarkable, 55 years. To that person, congratulations." - Hagerstown

"Thank you Bill Wivell for 12 years as a great commissioner for Washington County. We can only wish you success in the upcoming election in the Maryland state legislation." - Sharpsburg

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