Robbery shakes up hotel employee, daughter

July 11, 2010|By DAVE McMILLION
  • Naresh Ajmani, left, and her daughter, Kanika Ajmani, were bound with duct tape and a phone cord early Sunday during a robbery at a Super 8 motel in Hancock.
Dave McMillion, Staff Writer

Police: Man who robbed Hancock hotel dies in crash after pursuit

HANCOCK -- Still coming to grips with a robbery at the Super 8 hotel where she and her mother were bound with duct tape and a telephone cord early Sunday, Kanika Ajmani said in an interview Sunday afternoon that she will never stray from her mother again.

"We're not going to leave each other alone anymore," Ajmani said, holding her mother's hand as she described the incident.

"I'm feeling very scared," said Ajmani's mother, Naresh Ajmani.

Kanika Ajmani said she and her family live at the hotel at 118 Limestone Drive and her father is the general manager of the hotel, which is off U.S. 522 near downtown.

Kanika Ajmani said she and her mother were in an office next to the front desk at about 2 a.m. when she noticed a man appear on a camera that monitors activity at the front desk.


"He came out of nowhere," Kanika Ajmani said.

She said she went to the front desk toward the man, who was dressed all in black.

"He had a silver gun pointing at me," Kanika Ajmani said.

She said the man told her to bring anyone else that was in the office out to the front desk, so her mother came to the front desk.

The man threw a black bag with a yellow design on it at the women and instructed them to put money in it, Kanika Ajmani said.

Kanika Ajmani said her mother held the bag open and Kanika put about $580 in it.

The daughter said the man pointed the gun at her again and said he wanted the office door to be opened. Kanika Ajmani said she opened the door and the man came in.

The man asked her where the hotel's safe was and the women showed it to him. The man asked the women the whereabouts of the safe's key and they told him the manager had it, Kanika Ajmani said. The man also wanted to get money out of a soft drink vending machine, she said.

The man told the women to put their hands behind their backs and lie down on the floor, Ajmani said. The women complied; the man tied their hands with duct tape and used a phone cord to tie their feet together as they were lying facedown, Kanika Ajmani said.

"We were both very scared at this time," said Kanika Ajmani, adding that she thought the man was going to hurt her and her mother.

Kanika Ajmani said the man sat on a chair in the office and told the women he would kill them if they looked up at him.

The man pulled off the handkerchief that had been covering his face, revealing a white or gray beard, said Kanika Ajmani, who added that the man was out of breath.

The man asked Kanika Ajmani where he could find the manager and she told him the manager stays in a room.

The man left, and Kanika Ajmani said she and her mother waited about 45 minutes to make sure he was gone.

She said she and her mother were loosely bound and were able to free themselves.

Once freed, they called police.

"We were too scared to stay here," Kanika Ajmani said.

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