Letters to the Editor

July 06, 2010

Lions Club thanks all who assisted in book effort

To the editor:

Lions and Lioness Clubs of Franklin County love to serve their community. Chambersburg Evening Lions recently coordinated an effort to create lending libraries for Head Start sites in Franklin County.

Children who have access to books are more likely to read for enjoyment and increase their reading skills and their desire to learn. Bringing reading materials into the home environment actively promotes literacy between Head Start children and their families.

We'd like to thank the following clubs and individuals for their generous support with time and funding - Chambersburg Evening Lions, Greene Township Lions, Greencastle-Antrim Lioness, Path Valley Lions, Greencastle Lions, Rouzerville Lions, Buchanan Lioness, Lion/Lioness Joann Williams, and Lions Bruce and Merrilynn Kessler.


With the funds donated, we purchased more than 236 books, most in English, some in Spanish and some with both English and Spanish versions in one book. Lions and Lionesses gathered for a workday to turn the books into "library books" by adding plastic covers, Head Start ID labels, date due slips, and preparing a file of titles and organizing a method for managing the collections, which will rotate among the Franklin County Head Start sites. The result is 15 individual book collections developed and delivered to Head Start in a Lions' Parade of Books on June 26.

The participating Lions and Lioness Clubs are grateful to Head Start for giving us the opportunity not only to work together on a community project, but also to have a beneficial impact on the youth in our community. We wish the children of Head Start and their families many happy hours of sharing books about life and things in our world and in the world of the imagination, and we hope these books provide motivation for further learning.

David Keller
Chambersburg (Pa.) Evening Lions

Government integrity would be welcome sight

To the editor:

Only through the blindness of ignorance and apathy can tyranny in government come to life. Once the cataracts of ignorance are removed, a bright, responsible government can become visible.

November will be an opportunity to restore sight for curing the mistakes and blunders of forced health care legislation, a destroyed economy, damaged foreign policies, damaged job creation and a government infected with its self-interest.

Voters must become part of a force toward responsible-friendly legislators who act in the interests of the people and not special interests.

Let not November see a memory loss of the political abuses of the last year and a half. Remove the cataracts and enjoy the sight of integrity in government.

Ray Bielecki
Falling Waters, W.Va.

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