'Eclipse' book: Great Twilight Saga installment

July 06, 2010|By COURTNEY BRADFORD / Pulse correspondent
  • "Eclipse" is one of the best in the Twilight Saga series.

I must say that Stephenie Meyer's "Eclipse" from the Twilight Saga is my personal favorite. Many people will tell you that it's their least favorite because it is predictable; which in reality it is in some parts of the book.

In the beginning of "Eclipse," Bella - who is now 18 - is still "grounded for life" after running off to Italy to save Edward. That isn't the only thing on Bella's list of things to worry about, though. In the city of Seattle, there have been numerous murders that are too much of a mystery to solve.

Once again, Bella is thrown into the dangerous world of vampires and werewolves. What she doesn't understand is why Edward is so worried about the murders. That is, until all of them find out that it's really Victoria's doing. Victoria is still holding that grudge against Bella and Edward for killing her mate, James in "Twilight."


With a war against Victoria's army of newborn vampires looming just after graduation, The Cullens and Jacob's werewolves will find themselves banding together to defeat them. This is where Bella's life becomes quite complicated. She is forced to choose between Edward and Jacob. Who will she choose?

Readers might also be surprised by the twist ending that Meyer throws in.


Bella agrees to marry Edward. Jacob doesn't take this news very well and runs off trying to escape the world.

My goodness, will Bella ever become a vampire? You'd think that Edward would get it through his thick head that he can't wait forever, ya know? Especially since the Volturi are on his case about it now, but no, he isn't concerned at all.

I really enjoy this installment of "The Twilight Saga," because it has an even dosage of both Edward and Jacob; perfect for a Team Switzerland such as myself. I also enjoy "Eclipse" because it has plenty of action and romance in one 629-page book.

Of course there are some parts I don't really like as well, but the good definitely out numbers the bad. One part that irks me is when Jacob gets upset with Bella because she prefers the Cullens.

(Personally, if I were Edward, I would have broken up with her in the first book.)

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