Mail Call

July 05, 2010

"I'd like to respond to the person from Maugansville that says that the Democrats control everything and the Democratic Party can pass anything, they need no Republican votes whatsoever. Well, if the Republicans can't stop anything and can't do anything, how come they're the ones that stopped the extension of the unemployment claims for people?"

-- Falling Waters, W.Va.

"I just see the article where Limbaugh is calling President Obama as acting like Alfred E. Neuman. David Limbaugh is the dummy on his ventriloquist brother's lap." -- Washington County

"To the caller from Maugansville who claims that the Republican Party and Congress can stop nothing: He better do some checking up. The Republican senators have 40 votes, and they can filibuster any bill they want, and they have. So the Democrats can't pass anything unless some Republican votes with them." -- Chambersburg, Pa.

"To the person that was commenting on working at Valley Mall and commenting about having close calls on accidents happening in the area: I actually witnessed one accident, so I can agree with you. People need to pay attention to what they're doing and not be worried about cell phone calls, and things like that and other distractions." -- Hagerstown


"The national debt is the biggest threat to national security. That's a quote from Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Mr. Obama, what in the world is wrong that you can't see that your incredible spending is just literally killing us? What is wrong with you? Better yet, what is wrong with the people, that they don't rise up like the Tea Party people? You are blowing us into so much debt we are going to go bankrupt. We are going to be Greece. God help us, please." -- Hagerstown

"I constantly get a laugh from comments from people who profess to know all about how our government works. Naive is not the word, but ignorance of how our government works. We're all Americans, not a Democrat nation or a Republican nation. Get with the program. We're Americans. By the way, the jobless aid extension bill, for instance, has been killed for the third time in as many weeks by successfully filibustering against it by GOP Senate. No vote, just filibustering." -- State Line, Pa.

"Yes, Hagerstown caller, we all know we're all the descendants of immigrants, including the Native Americans whose ancestors walked over the then-existing Russia-Alaska land ridge. The problem is that you seem unable or unwilling to draw any distinction at all between immigrants who did and do the right thing and came here legally, and illegal aliens who you evidently wish to reward with citizenship for breaking our laws." -- Frederick, Md.

"I would just like to thank The Herald-Mail. I think you're doing an excellent job covering the Little League All-Star baseball games. Keep up the good work." -- Maugansville

"Hurray for the Town of Williamsport. You've raised my taxes by 25 percent in one year. I've made no improvements to my home and the value is depreciating. The only thing I can figure is, I'm paying for a big barn and a house, which I don't use, which only a handful of townspeople do use." -- Williamsport

"I'm calling, I got a scam call yesterday. This guy told me I won $2 million and he told me I didn't have to pay any taxes to the IRS, that was already paid, but he said a guy would come to my house the next day and deliver the check, and he said I had to pay for the shipping and handling of the check. And I told him I wasn't gonna pay anything. So I thought that your readers ought to know that this scam's going on." -- Smithsburg

"I just want to say that I hope that people will keep in mind that the Senate Republicans have killed the jobless aid extension bill. That's unemployment for millions of people that need it. That -- and I'll repeat again, that is the Republicans. And for that person who had a comment in your newspaper about them getting a laugh from the Republican Party, better look up and see what their votes are." -- Hagerstown

"Every year summer comes. Every year children sit at home with no supervision. This comes as a surprise to the parents every year. It is gonna happen every year, and I think that parents should plan for this and get some activities for their children besides a drum set. Drum sets are not day care. I think every parent needs to look at themselves and decide what kind of parent they want to be, and what they want their children to be." -- Hagerstown

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