Restaurant inspections for March 2010

July 03, 2010
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o Al's Pizza and Convenience, 12911 Clear Spring Road, Clear Spring - must clean can opener (corrected); back door left open (corrected); ceiling panel near back door damaged; must clean exhaust hood, ceiling near exhaust hood, areas under exhaust hood, gasket on walk-in refrigerator door and condenser fan in walk-in refrigerator; light shield missing on light under exhaust hood; air gaps inadequate on drain lines from three-compartment sink; hand sink in food prep area not working; piece of cardboard sitting atop pizza oven; men's restroom sink not demonstrating continuous water flow.

o Applewood Grill, 22317 Jefferson Blvd., Smithsburg - must clean vent near water heater and exhaust vent in restrooms.

o Chick-fil-A, 1680 Wesel Blvd. - four bags of trash on concrete pad beside Dumpster instead of in Dumpster; must clean inside left door on Hobart refrigerator beside chicken prep table and inside bottom shelf where scoops and spatulas are stored; repair/replace right side of door to Hobart refrigerator beside chicken prep table so smooth and easily cleanable.


o China Buffet, 1041 Maryland Ave. - must clean can opener (corrected); need scoops with handles for rice warmer and sugar (corrected); must clean area around outside door of walk-in freezer (corrected); ice scoop touching ice inside ice machine (corrected); need to make smooth and easily cleanable the bottom of prep tables; must repair outside bottom step of walk-in cooler and freezer; must clean door gaskets on sandwich prep unit and white plastic strip inside ice machine.

o China King Restaurant, 164 N. Burhans Blvd. - need paper towels for hand sink near register/counter (corrected); must clean can opener (corrected); storage container of flour stored uncovered and inside a storage room (corrected, removed from storage room); using black plastic bags to cover food in walk-in cooler (corrected, covered with approved material); repair floor in kitchen (broken tiles) and floor inside walk-in cooler; clean floor under grill and ventilation cover in men's and women's restroom; light intensity too low at sandwich prep unit, grill and in walk-in cooler; improper dispensing utensil (small bowl) in flour; neither back door self-closing; food (chicken and beef) inside plastic containers stored on floor; repair coving in men's restroom.

o Conococheague Elementary School, 12408 Learning Lane - must clean floor in storage area.

o Desert Rose Cafe & Catering, 21 N. Conococheague St., Williamsport - repair front and back screen doors.

o Dick's Market, 895 Salem Ave. - must obtain chemical test strip to measure sanitizer level (corrected).

o Durango, 10-12 E. Washington St. - open food containers in refrigerators; must clean can opener and vent hood; dishwasher leaking.

o The Friendly Pub, 231 W. Franklin St. - must clean sides of white plastic cart and wall beside cart; must make smooth and easily cleanable a counter where Keno register sits; must seal hole in ceiling around white plastic pipe in women's restroom.

o Federal Little League Concessions, 1821 Northern Ave. - must clean floor under ice machine and behind Whirlpool refrigerator; must clean exhaust vents and soda machine vent.

o Grace Academy, 13321 Cearfoss Pike - must clean exhaust hood filters.

o Hickory Elementary School, 11101 Hickory School Road, Williamsport - replace/repair hole in ceiling tile in storage room.

o Hong Kong Express, 1423 Dual Highway - improper setup of three-compartment sink; open food in walk-in coolers; cardboard and egg cartons used as shelving in walk-in.

o K&B Deli, 640 George St. - Styrofoam single-use containers stored on floor inside storage room (corrected); repair/replace floor tiles next to True freezer and restroom; clean inside of microwave.

o Ledo Pizza, 1423 Dual Highway - must clean pizza oven and air intake near dishwasher.

o Long John Silver's, 17301 Valley Mall Road, Halfway - single-serve items should be stored upside down; must repair base coving under kitchen hand sink and both sides between walk-in cooler; must clean walk-in freezer's floor, inside door and outside door; must clean top and one side of ice machine and wall under soap dispenser in women's restroom; metered water faucet in men's restroom should stay on for at least 15 seconds.

o Moe's Southwest Grill, 12818-I Shank Farm Way - scoop unprotected atop ice machine (corrected); sealed bags of chicken in pan in mop sink (corrected); must clean air vents and area around trash can.

o New China Wok, 1533 Potomac Ave. - can used as scoop in ice (corrected); must clean floor around equipment; must clean grill equipment and sides of equipment; evidence of freezer leak (ice under condenser).

o Olive Garden, 17410 Valley Mall Road, Halfway - must clean wall above hand sink near dishwashing machine (corrected); repair hand-sink faucet near dishwashing area, clean floor under waitress station; wet nesting of bread trays used for baking and salad bowls (should be air dried before stacking).

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