10 questions with author Jenniffer Ringquist

July 03, 2010
  • Jenniffer Ringquist of Smithsburg wrote the suspense/thriller "Dark of Mind." The novel is available for $9.99 on
By Colleen McGrath/Staff Photographer,

SMITHSBURG - Name: Jenniffer Ringquist

Age: 39

City in which you reside: Smithsburg

Day job: Writing and being a mom

Book title: "Dark of Mind"

Quick synopsis of book: Sophie falls into a coma after finding her parents dead. Years later she wakes up with no memory, with police and the hospital searching to find out if she is the murderer or if it's someone else. Will Sophie remember, or will she or anyone else die before discovering the truth?

Page count: 152

Publisher: FST Pulp

Genre: Suspense/Thriller

Price: $9.99 on

Last book read: "Through a Glass, Deadly" by Sarah Atwell

Favorite book: Stephenie Plum Series, by Janet Evanovich

1. What inspired you to write this book?


"I wrote that after reading a series of bad books. You can only read so many bad books, you know. And I thought 'Oh I can do better than that.'"

2. Tell us about your writing process.

"I'll get a basic idea and do a quick outline. Then I'll just take from that outline and expand each chapter until it's done."

3. How do you develop your characters?

"Kind of as you go, as you write more you get a feel for who you want them to be and how you want them to act in certain situations. They develop as you write."

4. What was the most challenging aspect of the writing process?

"Finding time." She laughs.

5. What have learned that you wish you would have known earlier in the writing process?

"How hard it is to get a book published."

6. Did you discover anything about yourself while writing this book?

"I found that I really like writing."

7. What advice can you offer other writers?

"Don't give up, keep trying. Even if you go through 15 or 20 publishers, eventually it will happen."

8. Did you use any real life experiences in your book?


9. Are your characters purely fictional, or do they have qualities of people you know?

"No, they are totally fictional. They have telekinectic abilities, although that would be handy if I knew someone like that."

10. What advice would you give other mothers who aspire to do something like this?

"If you feel that there's something you need to get out there and do, then do it. If you fail, you fail. At least you tried."

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