Letters to the Editor

July 03, 2010

Bartlett mailer confuses more than it informs

To the editor:

U.S. Rep. Roscoe Bartlett recently used government funds to send a mailer to all of the voters in the Sixth District. This mailer should be used to inform voters about what is going on in Washington, but this mailer confuses more than it informs.

The first item announces Bartlett's support for the "Roadmap for America's Future." The second item announces his opposition to the value added tax. But one of the key components of the "Roadmap for America's Future" is a value added tax. Which policy does Bartlett support?

"Business Consumption Tax. The proposal creates an 8.5-percent BCT on goods and services. ... The BCT is then imposed on this net receipts figure (i.e. the firm's value added), according to the proposed Roadmap for America's Future.


If he has disagreement with part of the road map, which elements does he support? Does he support the elimination of corporate income taxes, a huge giveaway to companies like BP?

"This plan does away with the corporate income tax," according to the Roadmap.

Does he support investing Social Security funds in the stock market, even after seeing the stock market collapse with a 57 percent decline?

"Due to the higher rate of return received by investments in secure funds consisting of equities and bonds," according to the Roadmap.

Does he support the elimination of Medicare, replacing it with private insurance?

"The payment will be made directly to the health plan ... with the beneficiary ... assuming financial responsibility for any difference in the payment and the total cost of the premium," according to the Roadmap.

Let me be clear about my positions. As a candidate for Congress, I oppose any national sales tax or value added tax. I believe corporations should pay their fair share of taxes, and do not believe they deserve billion-dollar tax cuts. I support keeping Social Security safe and properly funded. I believe Medicare should be continued in its present form.

Andrew Duck
Brunswick, Md.
candidate for U.S. Congress

Barge Bash shows county can be a tourist destination

To the editor:

Kudos to Hancock. Saturday, June 26, was Barge Bash day. It was a very successful event that attracted visitors from several states.

I spoke with a couple of gentlemen from Harrisburg, Pa., who said they come every year to ride our bicycle trails. Another gentleman spoke of the efforts by several municipalities along the C&O Canal to provide more information to hikers and cyclists about overnight stops, bed and breakfasts, restaurants and such. Truly, the Barge Bash and car show and street dance that followed are a big part of making Washington County a tourist destination.

Barge Bash day also offered an opportunity to build upon one of the most important goals of my campaign for a seat on the Washington County Commissioners: Good communications between government and the people. In Hancock, several people talked to me about things important to their community and the county.

People were very candid about many things, one of which is the need for improved transportation services for seniors, students, wage earners and the general population in areas such as Hancock that are away from the traditional urban core. It was not an attack on or requirement for government to provide improved services. More so, these people wanted to hear about not-for-profit or commercial for-profit providers, or utilization of existing transportation services partnering to cross utilize assets, for example, contractor buses providing transportation services to seniors during low-use periods or further extension of the not-for-profit bus service to additional outlying areas. It was great to talk about innovative methods, other than government intervention, to solve community issues.

I look forward to talking with people throughout the county about what is important to them. I intend to work hard, always looking for improvement in communications and processes, to make sure Washington County is a place of good government, close to the people.

Ruth Anne Callaham
candidate for Washington County Commissioners

Rowland hits on country's knee-jerk reaction

To the editor:

I don't often agree with Tim Rowland's rants and often think he makes light of very serious issues. But after reading his June 5 column, "A little middle of the road would be a refreshing change," I think he hit on what is this country's knee-jerk reaction to most major events.

He aptly pointed out how the Three Mile Island event signaled the end to nuclear power development in this country. Now, in a new knee-jerk reaction, we are likely to see the end of off-shore drilling - probably at any depth.

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